7+ Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

You are responsible for taking good care of your blog site, as soon as you start using it. You know perfectly well the reason why you started and as long as you had a purpose, everything will bloom.

If you’re in that phase where you don’t even know where to begin, we’ve come up with some real strategies that we ourselves used right from the start.

There are tons of things to discuss when it comes to writing the optimal articles. But first, you need to know the basics of writing a structured article.

HTML tags are part of text formatting steps to create a comforting experience for the reader. Use H1 for the main heading (title), H2 & H3 for sub/sub-sub headings, visuals, and full but not extra-long paragraphs.

Make sure to attach internal/external links to guide readers where they can get more information and the source of what you’ve added to the article.

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Here’s a list of 12 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Have a goal

Knowing how many articles per week you’re going to write is the first thing you should focus on. Deciding about the number of weekly articles is followed by the desired number of monthly viewers you want to reach. 

That’s right. It’s all about planning. You know perfectly well that writing only once a week, not sharing your work with the audience, and not investing too much time into setting a goal is a total disadvantage for your blog site.

We on Publer have thousands of subscribers & monthly visitors/viewers, but that didn’t happen by magic.

Publer’s blog is updated with new articles at least 12 times per month. Every article is shared on all social networks and gets re-shared multiple times. I.e Twitter (we retweet our articles at least one time), Instagram (we populate our Instagram Stories with amazing Canva designs guiding everyone to head to the link in bio), LinkedIn (we recycle our articles once a month), etc.

Quality content

Quality content consists of correct writing, true information, and a unique way of thinking. As much difficult as it sounds to find a person who does all that at the same time, many times per month – it isn’t impossible.

We’re all about doing tons of researches and investing in Grammarly Premium as we want all our subscribers to be happy when new articles go live.

As mentioned in a previous article regarding what makes the website content great, according to accilytypr.com, 80% of the readers leave the website after only looking at a single page with incorrectly written grammar.

Focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s better to write a few true tips than long stories that will distract the reader from the main topic that made them click on the first place. A good example of this is Split My Fare, a UK-based split ticket provider. They increased their organic traffic 20k/month to 155k/month by writing high quality blog content around their primary keywords with how-to guides, reviews and more.

Invest in SEO

Not financially, but taking care of SEO is a MUST time-investment. When we mention SEO, we mean detailed researches and being picky when adding keywords.

The top tools that we’re currently using are ‘Keywords Everywhere’, ‘Keyword Planner’, ‘Raven’, and ‘SEMrush’.

These tools help us find trending and relevant keywords that boost blog posts’ clicks on search engines or social media. We carefully check the search volume, relevancy, and competition, and then we add them to the blog posts.

If you do the same, all people that search for lookalike services/tools will rank your blog posts on top easily.

Bloggers know how long-tail keywords (containing 3+ words) improve post-performance. The competition is low and yet, the articles are easy to find. Finding these long-tail keywords is also an easy thing to do – start typing on Google and you’ll get tons of suggestions.

We’ve searched the same thing on Google Keyword Planner and received these data: the search volume, competition level, etc.

Repurpose and boost

Repurposing content and boosting social media posts is by far one of the best time and money investments.

Repurposing consists of converting your blog posts into social media posts, infographics, email marketing content, etc. It is all about saving time and making the most out of your imagination and content. Most of your content should be evergreen. Make your content live for a very long life by properly managing its display.

Boosting social media posts is also a great idea because it will help engage your current customers and attract other potential ones in the fastest way possible.

Boosting posts that contain blog articles is easy. All you need to do is target the right audience, set a lifetime budget that doesn’t put your business out of business, and install respective social networks tracking pixels on your website to understand and view the results better.

Add social share buttons

Adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social share buttons helps engage people and share blog articles faster.

Social share buttons are time-saving – they skip all extra steps like copying and pasting.

Focus on Pinterest

Pinterest is a fast-growing social platform that helps all bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, etc., get inspired. With over 500 million users (and counting), Pinterest is helping all small businesses showcase their services and products most strategically.

Pinterest is a visual social network that allows you to attach URLs to each and every media. This way, everyone can click on your blog posts easily. Make sure to create interesting and eye-catchy illustrations and off to enjoying new website visitors.

At the moment, we on Publer are creating at least 10 Pins per blog post. Pinterest loves rich Pins. We’re using the Canva Pro plan to make the most out of each and every unique design tool. Easy, fast, and special.

Create email marketing campaigns

It’s no surprise that Publer sends out all new features/tools updates via emails to all the subscribers. Focusing on an amazing illustration, writing correctly, and attaching the proper link – is now the favorite thing for customers.

Take the monthly Social Media Holiday Calendar as an example. We send out well-curated illustrations of current monthly calendars that contain all the important information regarding each respective holiday and their hashtags.

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