6 Publer Hacks to Help you Save Time

As veterans, many of Publer’s users know all the ins and outs of the variety of features and tools provided.

But, getting some tips and hacks from the insiders is never a bad thing, right?

Just like that, today we want to introduce you to some hacks you might be missing out on Publer.

Here’s a list of 6 Publer Hacks to Help you Save Time

  1. Search and find media easily by adding notes to each of them

Once you add multiple media to your library, it’s time to organize them properly. Make yourself a favor and except for adding labels only, add a couple of notes to each of them.

Simply head to the search bar and start typing something related to the notes. No need to press Enter – results will show up after each letter you add.

Notes for the sales department? Good. Write ‘Delegate this to the sales department’ and every team member can easily search and find that!

  1. Reply to Instagram comments right from the dashboard

Tired of going back and forth to reply to different comments on your Instagram posts? That’s fine because we got your back.

Once your Instagram posts have surpassed 24 hours from being posted, they will all appear on the Analytics page. Select the desired post and start viewing, adding, replying to, and deleting comments right from there.

  1. Bulk Schedule up to 500 posts at the same time

It is nice to be able to manage your time efficiently using smart tools. That’s why Publer is currently providing a CSV template which you can fill with up to 500 different posts, save it, and simply drag&drop it. Let Publer do all the rest.

By using a CSV file you can quickly create status updates, add links, hashtags, multiple photos/videos, timeslot labels, etc.

  1. Scheduling via mobile has never been more flexible

There are times you don’t want to carry a hard laptop wherever you go. Yes, there are a lot of times like that. So, having a mobile phone with you is all you need in case you want to write your next social media posts, get real-time hashtag suggestions, organize media to your library, draft your texts or simply view post insights.

Every feature that’s currently provided on Desktop – is also available on mobile phones. We’re not talking about an app here (*coming soon though), but about a smooth and fast software that’s simply mobile-friendly.

  1. How about the Unsplash media library

Unsplash is a love-at-first-sight platform for many digital marketers. It provides an endless forest of high-quality images that are easily filtered by orientation and color. *Filters will show up as soon as you start typing.

Make the most out of your time by selecting tons of images at the same time and never worrying about changing tabs too often. Unsplash media library is the ultimate integration everyone’s talking about!

  1. There is nothing better than free space forever

Publer will allow all users to add and schedule as many posts as they want, without further notice to remove the old posts or such restrictions. Limitless space is what differentiates Publer from most other post schedulers.

Except for the posts, users can add as many team members/social accounts they need, and create tons of timeslots, media, and labels.

Going back to your Posted posts and bringing them back to life again is what makes a simple post – an evergreen one. If you don’t want to recycle a post multiple times, you can simply reuse the exact same post in a click.

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