Ready For IGTV Monetization?

IGTV Monetization is the latest trend to monetize long format videos on Instagram.

Instagram is the friendliest digital platform for each new feature and update. The same happened with IGTV monetization. Four powerful letters that indicate long-form videos on Instagram are the latest profitable trend for creators. 

Everyone can upload an IGTV for up to 1 hour and share it on their feed or stories. The most utilized IGTVs are mostly brands posting promotions, feature/update descriptions, collaborations, etc.

The importance of long videos consists of giving more information and making a better positive impact on the customers. Also, accounts that use IGTVs provide a more vital and credible presence.

IGTV Monetization is the latest trend to monetize long format videos on Instagram.

Ready for IGTV Monetization?

The most successful IGTVs on the platform come from popular Instagrammers. The first person to announce that Instagram was working on IGTV Ads was Jane Manchun Wong (of course), the tech blogger who always splits the tea for upcoming features. Here’s her Twitter post:

So, when least expected, Instagram provided pop-up badges for all creators to give all fans the possibility to purchase different promotional items.

IGTV vs. Youtube

Bloomberg’s report states that IGTV brings 55% of ad revenue, which is incredible for video creators who struggle with Youtube subscribers. 

A general comparison highlights a significant difference between the two giant platforms. YouTube brings in about $15 million, while Instagram’s feed ads generate about $20 billion in revenue. 

Moreover, YouTube has already provided monetization videos forever, but it has some strict requirements. A YouTuber should have at least 4000 watch time hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 365 days (12 months). Click here to learn more.

As Instagram explains, there’s an incredible increase in views for various types of content for long-format videos. Therefore, Instagram brings in IGTV monetization as an immense opportunity to enhance creators’ chances of expanding and profiting through their art. 

How much can you make with IGTV?

In a few words, we’d say: As much as your creativity and network allow it! 

IGTV Monetization support creators to monetize long format videos.

Moreover, we’d explain the system of how to turn IGTV monetization into your primary method of making money online. 

Content creators on Instagram have been producing content for free for quite a while. Their only goal was to build long-lasting connections with their followers and obtain a global audience. 

Now, all creators’ efforts get awarded with the IGTV monetization feature. Basically, playing short ads along with their video is all they have to do. 

Legally speaking, creators must consent to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies to continue benefiting from this feature. 

This form of advertising leads to revenue generation. We’d consider it a direct method. Indirectly, ads reach out to new users who didn’t know the creator’s profile before, leading to potential new customers. 

Why does Instagram allow IGTV Monetization?

Competition? A consistent urge for development? Users requests?

Instagram enables IGTV monetization to compete decently in the market and facilitate users' experience.

All the above are enough to constantly push a social media giant such as Instagram to develop and enable new features. IGTV Monetization satisfies its existing creators, allows the platform to compete decently in the market, and keeps up with the development element in tech.

We’re all aware of the Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram ads running in feeds, sidebars, and even during videos. Youtube plays a smart trick: Paid versions don’t include ads!

In 2022, for video creators, the golden battlefields are all the platforms that already enable using ads for monetization opportunities, such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and of course, Instagram!

Does IGTV Impact Instagram Marketing Strategy?

One Word: Absolutely!

IGTV Monetization undoubtedly impacts your existing Instagram Marketing Strategy, and it affects your business account on IG in a positive way. 

Since over 200 million users active on IG visit at least one business profile daily, you can already imagine how short ads in your IGTV will boost your results on IG.

IGTV Monetization is among the latest trends for profitable methods by video creators and businesses to increase their visibility, obtain higher sales, and connect to a global audience by targeting potential customers more efficiently.

Find out why IGTV Monetization positively impacts your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Remember that your marketing strategy must be flexible and allow you to add new methods. For instance, when planning an Instagram marketing strategy, thanks to the latest updates and features from the platform, you need to be ready to adopt them and follow up with the trends online. 

IGTV monetization is still a new feature that many creators need to test and explore for a steady positive income generation. 

Whether you’re a content creator on Instagram or aspire to add high-quality, longer-form video content as part of your business marketing strategy, you must keep an eye on Instagram tools to automate your processes and enjoy your marketing results.

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