Recycled Content on Social Media? This is how it works!

Learn how you can have Recycled content on social media posts with Publer features

Believe it or not, recycled content is a lifetime hack of many social media managers.

For example, tweets last just 15 minutes! Since the lifespan of social media posts is, on average, very short, we’re always creating new ways of staying relevant and clicked. Thus, it’s imperative to provide consistently evergreen content for your audience.

Lifespan of posts on different social media platforms

Still, a consistent posting schedule doesn’t necessarily require new content every day. You can’t focus only on generating recent articles, news, or images/clips to stay on top of your users’ feeds.

So, if you have some fantastic posts that are relevant to your audience even today or tomorrow, this guide shows how recycled content can save your time and efforts.

Recycled Content on Social Media posts is possible with automated features from Publer.

Automated and Recycled Content! – What’s in for you? 

Yes, you can automate the process and save your time with recycled content. Publer offers the best features to facilitate the process, so keep reading further to find out what you can do. 

With just a few clicks, you can obtain bulk content thanks to the built-in Spintax Generator. The new content will be based on the keywords you provide, so it’s undoubtedly accurate and relevant to your queries.

But how can you keep those posts that deserve to live longer, i.e., quotes, memes, or articles, on top of your site or social channels? Topics and posts relevant in your industry for a long time in digital marketing are considered evergreen content. These are the posts you need to focus your recycled content on. 

Unless it becomes viral or you pay for an ad, the only way you can “increase” the lifespan of a post is to repost it once in a while, which we refer to as the recycling process. But do you have the time to go through your feed and manually repost some of your posts?

Let Publer do that for you!

Automated and Recycled Content from Publer in just a few clicks.
There are now four ways you can schedule your social media posts with Publer!

How does recycled content work?

Every midnight (UTC) while you’re asleep, Publer will go through your select recyclable posts and auto-schedule them for the next 24 hours using the account’s posting schedule.

This is a posting schedule when you configure one for each social account under Accounts.

A posting schedule when you configure one for each social account under Accounts at Publer's dashboard.

Publer won’t provide recycled content if:

  • Your queue is full for the next 24 hours.
  • The post was last recycled before the frequency you have selected.
  • You have at least something else scheduled for the next 24 hours, and you’ve checked the “Recycle if there are no scheduled posts” option.
  • You have modified the posting schedule, and Publer can no longer find an available timeslot.

You can delete recycled posts, edit or view their settings, change the text, or pause/unpause them. When Publer successfully recycles a post, you will find the old “new” post under “Recycling.”

Content marketing is vital. Focus on recycled content for better results.


What if there are more recyclable posts than timeslots?

Let’s say Publer is recycling the following posts: 

A posted post from May 31st, a never posted post, and one post posted on May 15th.

Publer will pick them in the order they were last posted (in ascending order). For example, Publer will pick the post that hasn’t been posted yet. Second, the post that was last posted on May 15th, and third, the one on May 31st. This way, no post is recycled more than the others.

Recycling vs. Recurring Posts

While they’re a little similar, recurring posts are helpful when you need to post something at the exact time repeatedly (i.e., weekly sale events). On the other hand, recyclable posts are recycled based on a posting schedule and may not even be recycled. We will have more info on recurring posts soon.

Differences between Recycling & Recurring
Differences between Recycling & Recurring

Tweets are not recyclable posts! Why?

We cannot offer this feature for Twitter accounts to comply with Twitter’s automation rules.

Post callbacks

Follow-up comments, auto shares, and auto deletions get copied on each recycling. You can, for example, recycle something every four weeks and have it automatically deleted after four weeks, thus keeping your feed clean.

Recycling in bulk

You can recycle posts in bulk. You can even schedule one post at a specific time. Publer automatically schedules one other post, and another post gets recycled … all at once.


Recycling posts come with Publer Aurum, but you can try it for free several times with some limitations.

Recycling Social Media Posts?

Do It Automatically with Publer!

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