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Schedule Google Business Posts: Events and Offers

May 03, 2020

Google is the fastest and largest search engine in the world. Now, imagine it turning into social media! That’s right – Google Business Profiles are an impressive and FREE service for all kinds of brands. And today, we want to show you how to schedule all Google My Business posts easily!

Schedule Google Business Posts such as Updates, Events and Offers

First things first: Advantages of having a Google Business Profile:

  • It is FREE and provides multiple options to elevate marketing efforts
  • Allows you to get effortless visibility on the biggest search engine
  • Collect real-time reviews/information
  • It’s easy to use and a quick way to rank higher
  • It helps get discovered on local searches. Did you know that local and organic searches together make up 69% of overall digital traffic?

You can schedule your Google Business Profile updates, events, and offers with Publer – for free.

holding a phone showing directions to business address - Schedule Google My Business Posts such as Updates, Events and Offers

What are Google Business Profile Events & Offers?

  • Events: Promote an event at your business, i.e. a bookstore may advertise a local author’s book signing or a book club meeting. Events require a title, start/end dates and time. These posts may also include a photo, description, and an action button (CTA). – Videos aren’t supported via their API).
  • Offers: Provide promotional sales or offers from your business, i.e. a pizza parlor may advertise 20% off large pizzas for a week. Offers require a title, start/end dates, and times. A “View offer” action button is automatically added to the post. You can also include a photo, video (not supported via their API), description, coupon code, link, and terms & conditions with the post.

    Offers appear near the top of the Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. They also appear with all other posts in the Updates tab.

How to Schedule Google Business Posts: Events & Offers?

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Select your Google Business Profile on the left.
  • Select Update, Event, or Offer and start creating your Google My Business posts.
  • Preview the post before scheduling it.
  • Then, select Schedule and decide between Manually or Auto Scheduling.

Publer's dashboard showing how to Schedule Google My Business Posts such as Updates, Events and Offers

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Google Business Posts:

  • If you’ve selected several social networks (i.e. Facebook, Google My Business) and you don’t see the options for events & offers, make sure you enable post customization by clicking the following button. Events & offers are specific only to Google My Business so we don’t show them for the other social networks.
  • Product posts unfortunately are not supported because their API (what we use to communicate with Google) stopped supporting them a few months ago.
  • Because Google My Business events & offers have a fixed start and end date, recycling them or recurring them is impossible.
  • The scheduled date for events & offers cannot be after their end date.
  • The event & offer title must be up to 58 characters.

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