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Schedule Instagram Posts (Direct Posting) with Publer

January 29, 2021

Updated: January 29th, 2021

The missing piece of the puzzle is now available and ready for use! πŸ™Œ

On January 26th, 2021, Instagram published its Content Publishing API. After careful review and evaluation, Instagram has officially accepted our request to direct connection and posting.

Say Hello to Instagram on Publer!

As we all know, many brands are currently using Instagram to showcase their latest updates and interact with the audience through their media.

Instagram has always been a straight-forward social network where people get immediate messages and connect emotionally to posts. This is what makes everyone take good care of what they post to their feed. Marketers love spending too much time to create or suggest powerful visual contents, which always translate into feedbacks.

schedule instagram posts

Top reasons why a brand should be part of Instagram:

  • Visual content is a key to attracting followers. Instagram has reached a huge audience because of its special look and easy interaction with the users. Everyone can connect freely, decide their privacy, and what to see on their feed.
  • Reach a large number of people faster than you think. It usually takes a location tagging or a hashtag to be part of a feed where even other people share their media. Relevant usage of hashtags helps you reach a targeted audience and potential clients.
  • Real-time feedback. All your new updates and services require feedback, whether people find them useful or give opinions to improve. When the audience talks about your brand, you should take notes!
  • Interact with the audience. It is very important to engage with your followers every day because as they know your team better, they turn into loyal and empowering clients. You better answer to all your DMs!

how to schedule instagram posts directly

Finally, you can do all that by curating your posts on Publer and scheduling them according to your preferences. 

Your scheduled Instagram photos and videos will be published automatically for you (no reminders or push notifications).

Schedule all your Instagram single-photo posts and videos

You can now connect all your Instagram Business accounts to Publer, curate and schedule single-photo posts and videos effortlessly.

You can either publish your Instagram posts right away, schedule them manually, use automatic scheduling tools, recycle or make the posts recurring.

Tag Locations

You can tag a location on your post and make it even more visible once it’s live. All you have to do is start typing the desired location and choose an option from the results.

Schedule the first comment

By using a follow-up comment, you can provide your post a nice and clean caption. You can add links or hashtags on the comment and schedule it after a specific amount of time starting from right away, up to after 2 weeks.

schedule follow up comments on instagram
Create and schedule follow-up comments

Pro-Tip: Instagram itself recommends up to 30 hashtags per post.

Interact with comments

Already posted something on Instagram through Publer? Great! Now you can view all the comments your fans have written, reply to each one of them, add as many comments as you want, or even delete the unwanted ones right from the comfort of your dashboard.

Watermark all your photos

Add your personal brand’s logo in a single click and decide its opacity, location, size, padding and also, make it a default, if you want all your upcoming photos to be watermarked.

Preview all your Instagram posts

Not sure how your post will look like once it goes online? Worry less. You can preview all your scheduled posts on Publer, whether you want to check out the Desktop or mobile view. If you’re not satisfied with the post, you can always go back and make the proper modifications to the photo or caption.

preview scheduled instagram posts

View analytics

Analyze the engagement on each of your Instagram posts. Check how many people your posts reached and their interaction. Make new marketing plans out of the insights you get in real-time.

Save groups of #hashtags as shortcodes

Too lazy to write many hashtags every time you create a new post? Every user can create and save a group of hashtags as shortcodes, so they can easily add them on their Instagram posts by writing two curly brackets and choose the option they want.

Once you’ve created all your shortcodes, you can access them by typing “{{“.

Shortocodes work with first / follow-up comments too, so it’s a win-win πŸ˜‰

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