Schedule Multiple Photos to an Existing Album on Publer

February 18, 2016

Do you want to Post/Schedule multiple photos to an existing Album or just to the Wall? You can do that with Publer!

Sometimes a previous event must be updated with the most recent pictures, and sometimes you just need to showcase some special moments on your timeline. But adding a new album to the existing myriad can be overwhelming for your fans, followers, and friends. There is no need to create album 1, album 2, or album 3 dedicated to the same event or trip. Why, is there any other option to better organize your new images?

Photo Album

With Publer, there is! You don’t have to create a new Album every time you want to post multiple images. In the next paragraphs we will guide you through each step you need to take to schedule multiple photos to an existing album.

After selecting the Facebook account you want to post to, click the Media Options icon. Click Timeline Photos and you will be able to select an existing Album. If you have selected more than one Facebook account, then you have to choose the respective Albums per each.

At this point you will be introduced to three options. You can either choose Timeline Photos if you want the photo/s to be posted to the wall; select an Album you’ve already created; or create a new Album from scratch, right from the dashboard.

You can upload more than one Image at once either from your local device or directly from external URLs. Publish your post right away or schedule it for a specific time in the future.


Don’t delete the existing Album you selected from Facebook, otherwise your scheduled photos will fail.

If you follow each step of our short but clear guide on how to schedule multiple photos to an existing Album you will be good to go. 

Happy posting! 

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