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A vlogger’s career depends on his mastery of creating, editing, and scheduling videos. Content creators struggle to find that golden shot when their free time matches some inspirational moments.

Most of their work consists of creating digital content, managing the performance of each post, exporting insights, and analyzing the current data to improve the marketing strategy further.

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The Best Benefit of Scheduling Youtube Videos Beforehand

Long story short, YouTube scheduled uploads in advance offer the most valuable benefit:

Once you understand how to set a Youtube video to upload at a certain time, you can start a thriving career online as a vlogger with pleasant and reliable content for your audience. 

Most booming content creators are great at managing their time among content as a hobby and other profitable jobs until they develop their brand and gain popularity among the targeted audience. As soon as they get to create content at a pro-level and realize the profits of the video-making industry, content creation becomes their number one career path and an ongoing experience. 

If you’re a professional content creator who works tirelessly to develop entertaining or informative videos, you know the time-consuming video-making process. Because all the steps require special attention, developing an effective and accurate Youtube posting schedule can undoubtedly enhance your time management skills. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Schedule Videos On Youtube

We’re all familiar with the World’s most famous video platform: YouTube! We bet you’ve carefully revised all the processes before uploading your videos on Youtube, as your subscribers and potential new users will see them. Still, if you’re a newbie in the video-making digital era and need to learn how to do scheduled uploads on Youtube, read our easy-to-follow steps for uploading and scheduling videos on Youtube.

1. Youtube Profile

Start by logging in to Youtube, click create on the top-right of the tab and upload your video. Moreover, you can add a title, description, thumbnail, and video to specific playlists. Set up your audience, include tags, define the language, complete all the tabs optionally, and move forward to the next step.

2. Features 

Additional elements make a video appear much more professional and increase engagements by including subtitles, an end screen, and cards.

3. Verification

This process might take some time, but do not get scared. In the checking stage, the platform will control if your video is well-done according to copyright rules on Youtube. Once you get the verification done, you reach the final step.

4. Visibility

The final step in creating a Youtube schedule is the visibility option, whether you want it to be a private video, unlisted or public one. Select the Schedule option with a date and time to complete the process on the Youtube platform.

a laptop showing the YouTube dashboard

The final step makes the difference if you’re scheduling on scheduled uploads Youtube Premiere. After selecting the visibility option, you must proceed by clicking on +Set Up Premiere.

Since the Youtube Premiere attracts a broad audience within the community, it announces people in advance. Continue by selecting a countdown theme, duration time, save and then finalize the scheduling process. After scheduling your video, you’ll have to confirm the pop-up window with the sharing alternatives to boost your video engagement.

Video contents are the trending content everyone is investing in. They are engaging, trustworthy, and a possible way to attract new customers.

With over 2 billion users and 1 billion hours of daily video watch – YouTube is one of the most influential and effective video marketing platforms.

With these stats in mind – how about a new YouTube experience for you and your brand?

Post and Schedule Videos to YouTube With Publer

Post and schedule videos with Publer directly to your Youtube Channel.

Using Publer to schedule YouTube videos will help you save time from confusing sticky notes or calendar notifications by automatically uploading videos planned. 

A well-established Youtube posting schedule with Publer offers many additional benefits in providing your subscribers pleasant, informative, and unique content.

Instead of struggling with frequent checks about why you can’t schedule a video on YouTube or wonder for many hours in front of unexplainable pop-ups for Youtube scheduled uploads not available, entrust Publer’s best feature.

Ease your Youtube channel’s activities and growth by completing the scheduled posts on time regardless of their type, size, or platform. 

How To Schedule Uploads on Youtube With Publer?
Check This Guide

How to schedule youtube videos with publer

Things to keep in mind when scheduling YouTube videos with Publer:

  • Videos can be up to 12 hours longs and 1 GB.
  • Post up to 15 videos per day on each channel you add to Publer.
  • You cannot recycle or schedule recurring videos for YouTube (duplicate videos aren’t allowed).
  • Add signatures, short codes, shortened URLs to each YouTube video description.
  • Scheduling videos to YouTube channels is only supported on the Aurum (Gold) Plan.
Add a Youtube Channel on Publer

YouTube is an important social platform for your brand. Users love watching informative, funny, educational, or any other videos that teach them about a new product, give them tips & tricks or help them find a solution.

In 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of videos.

With over 500 hours of video uploads every minute, there are quite a few things to take good care of to rank your videos among the first search results.

Why Publer? TOP 11 Must-Read Features

Publer has one main intention:

Ease our user’s efforts to schedule their social media posts!

When publishing and managing your Youtube content using Publer, users can expect their scheduled uploads to get posted at the announced time. 

1: Formatting Tools. 

All text formatting options for titles and descriptions are available and emojis. You can easily split the video into precise minutes if your content is a step-by-step tutorial covering different sections. This formatting option is available directly from Publer. 

2: Hashtags.

Hashtags are one click away if you want to use them in your next video post. Based on the latest trends, you can add hashtags of what’s relevant to your industry and expand the opportunities of reaching potential subscribers.

3: Auto-Delete, Auto-Hide, and Auto-Sharing Options.

If you feel like removing a video from your YouTube channel after a while, you can choose the auto-deleting and auto-hiding options through Publer. Users find these options highly convenient when a promotion has a fixed duration time.

Did we mention the favored superpower of Publer? Existing users adore the auto-share tool when simultaneously creating the same post for different social accounts. Sharing the same video on Youtube and other socials is automatically possible with Publer.

4: Follow-Up Comments.

The follow-up comments let everyone know about the source or any other extra information. You can keep the description nice and clean while boosting everyone’s curiosity about some additional news in the comments. 

5: Labels. 

Another specialty of Publer is utilizing labels on different colors or short names to better organize your YouTube scheduled uploads. If you want to schedule a particular morning routine only on the weekend, you can label them in green “morning routine” so you know what’s your next post on Saturday.

6: Watermark & Signature.

With Publer, your videos will get watermarked automatically according to your chosen logo or image. Watermarks discourage unauthorized third parties from using your videos. 

Thanks to the signature feature, you can save a perfect ending to all of your posts. You can choose to add anything. Most signatures include social media links, addresses, or a special quote you want to remember your subscribers.

Adding the signature option on Publer

7. Instant New Videos with Vista Create.

One of our preferred features is creating brand-new videos instantly with Vista Create. You can choose to create and schedule the video to post it at a second moment or post them directly. 

Creating a new video with Vista Create to schedule and post with Publer

8. Importing Files.

You can import videos from Google Drive, DropBox, or your computer right from the composer and Media Library. Moreover, you can save drafts for multiple posts and give them a double check once before uploading the final version.

9. Analytics.

Once you add your Youtube channel, you can check useful data about your account’s performance. Supervise your insights every 24 hours and understand what type of videos your audience prefers more to hear from your channel. If you need updated data in real-time, you can always click on sync insights to obtain the latest number of subscribers, post engagement, channel views, video views, the best time to post and post insights. 

10. Instant Preview.

Publer will let you preview the videos based on YouTube video requirement size. Videos can be up to 12 hours long and 1 GB. Although you cannot recycle or schedule recurring videos for YouTube (duplicate videos aren’t allowed), you can still post up to 15 videos per day on each channel you add to Publer. 

11. Add Links.

If you aspire to build your brand online on different platforms, you’ll need to add short codes and shortened URLs to each YouTube video description. This is how you can connect your audience from other digital channels to follow up with your content on Youtube and more.

It’s all about knowing your audience and schedule the videos to go out at the right time. This is why Publer will get insights for every video scheduled within the platform and help you create a better marketing plan for your brand’s YouTube experience.

Except for being able to check when you posted YouTube videos, here’s what else you can view:

  • YouTube Channels metrics (number of subscribers and channel views)
  • YouTube Video metrics (number of video views, likes, and comments)
Obtain metrics from videos performance

3 Tips for a Smoother YouTube Scheduling Experience on Publer:

  1. After adding videos to the Media Library, make sure to add labels that will help you find easily the ones you want to schedule for your YouTube channels.
  2. Preview each video before you schedule them.
  3. Add watermarks to your videos to save your video content’s copyright.

Interesting Facts Regarding Video Content

  1. According to Hubspot, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Video content provides a 5% increase in ROI.
  2. 85% of video marketers use YouTube to promote their content.
  3. All social platforms describe video content as an effective way to attract new customers.

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