Is Scheduling GIFs for Facebook & Twitter possible?

Start scheduling GIFs with Publer for Facebook and Twitter

What’s that one element you send to spice up a conversation? A GIF!

A graphics interchange format known as GIF is the most influential file format that easily adapts to any virtual conversation.  Indeed, scheduling GIFs is a must do stage in the content strategy of all businesses.

Emojis are widely spread among formal and informal written content, but GIFs can make a whole post on their own and deliver an accurate message. 

Giphy, the largest database of GIFs, registers over 250 million monthly users. Additionally, Adoric confirms that it sends over 2 billion GIFs day-to-day.

Start scheduling GIFs with Publer for Facebook and Twitter

Probably your potential clients are taking a look at the latest events online. For example, the Oscars events with Will Smith created memes and hashtags that went viral all over the internet. 

A GIF merging such an event with your brand would highly increase your engagement at the moment.  So, if you want to add hashtags to the latest trends online by creating hilarious or sarcastic memes for your brand, GIFs are the way to go. 

Scheduling GIFs must be in your work process if you opt for a human touch to your online presence. GIFs are another practical method to attract users and keep a friendly approach to your existing clientele. 

Advantages of Posting and Scheduling GIFs on Social Media:

Less is More! The essence of such a quote is that success depends on quality, not quantity. Basically, that’s what a GIF represents. 

Your online engagement highly depends on the type of content. Indeed, those short moving images or 6-15 seconds clips can tell a whole story with a few simple movements. 

Advantages of scheduling GIFs

Makes Your Brand Unique 

Using GIFs on your social media platforms will allow your marketing team to showcase their creativity and wear your brand with a competitive and distinctive digital personality. 

Illustrate Processes Easily 

People tend to read fast and easy guides or watch short videos to save time. Therefore, scheduling GIFs is the best method to provide your audience quick and attractive visual information. 

GIFs will surely keep visitors longer on your social media feed. Once they find your brand as a creative and beneficial one, you will obtain their curiosity about your products or services.

Best Form of Promotion

A GIF is an excellent method to announce a special occasion, promotion, or new product release. That’s because, it’s attractive, short, and invites the viewer to take action. 

You can schedule GIFs for Facebook and Twitter by using Publer!

How To Post GIFs on Facebook?

Does Facebook support GIFs? Absolutely!

Facebook is one of the most popular SoMe platforms, whether it’s for personal use or business pages. Moreover, what happens on the Facebook homepage is constantly added to Messenger. 

Adoric reports that in 2015 Facebook implemented an additional feature to send GIFs on Messenger, which resulted in 5 million GIFs sent daily.  Furthermore, in 2017, 36 million GIFs were sent daily via Messenger. 

GIFs on Facebook are clickable or start automatically, just like videos.

The only limitations Facebook applies when scheduling GIFs are:

  • Mobile Upload is up to 5 MB
  • Web Version is up to 15 MB

Keep in mind that they cannot be larger than 15 MB.

Here’s how to post GIFs on Facebook:

GIPHY help center suggests three posting methods to publish your GIFs on Facebook.

  1. Upload a GIF natively into Facebook’s status box.
  2. Upload a GIF directly from or the GIPHY mobile app.
  3. Use the GIF button in Facebook’s status box, since it automatically connects to Giphy. 

 Here’s our capture on how to post GIFs on Facebook with Publer:

With Publer you can easily choose your GIF from our user dashboard and schedule it.

How to Post GIFs on Twitter?

GIFs on Twitter act the same as on Facebook. It will play with one click, and still, the limitations on size are not different. 

You can add a Gif on Twitter the same way as on Facebook!

There are multiple ways you can use to schedule a Facebook or Twitter post with a GIF:

  • Click or Drag & Drop right from the dashboard
  • From an external URL
  • Using the Bulk upload button or a CSV file
Posting and scheduling GIFs on Twitter account.

Adding a GIF to your post is very simple. Our partnership with Giphy allows you to search and upload your favorite GIF right from the dashboard of Publer.

Instead of posting them right away, opt for scheduling GIFs for a later time on the Twitter & Facebook accounts. LinkedIn and Google My Business don’t support them, which makes sense.

Plus, Publer will ease your life even more. It can automatically watermark GIFs for you with your own logo, just like any other photo or video.

Last but not least, GIFs are essentially videos, thus very resource consuming. For that reason, they’re only included in the Publer Aurum version, but you can try them for free. We have reset the video free trials for all users.

Enjoy Scheduling GIFs with Publer!

Happy Giffing! 

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