Select where you’re posting to much faster, either by searching for the social account(s) or by grouping them together.


You will see several search boxes throughout the app, but the most important one is the one that will help you select the social account you’re posting to, filtering posts for or viewing insights for.

This search box will be located on top of the list of social accounts you’ve added to Publer (if on a computer), or in the dropdown icon (if on a mobile/tablet).

Search boxes have also been added when viewing your social accounts or adding new ones, assigning social accounts to your team members, setting up autoshares and so on.

Grouping social accounts

If your brand has an account on multiple social networks and you would like to post to all of them, wouldn’t it be faster to select them all at once? This is where grouping them comes very handy.

To manage your groups of accounts, you can either click the down arrow next to the search box on the Create page or by going to your Accounts page.

You can create several groups of accounts. Groups are per user per team, so team members can group the social accounts they have access to as they wish.

For each group of accounts, you need to specify a unique name, select the social accounts you want to group and optionally select a predefined delay between posts. Keep in mind that you cannot group multiple Twitter accounts due to Twitter’s automation rules

The delay between posts is optional and it’s optimal when you want to make your posts look less automated. For example your post will get posted to Facebook now, 5 minutes later it gets posted to Twitter, 10 minutes later it gets posted to LinkedIn and so on. It will give the impression that someone is manually posting to all social networks one by one.

Groups of accounts can also be used when assigning social accounts to your team members or when setting up auto shares.

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