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Share Your Canva Designs Directly to Publer

November 27, 2020

May the new chapter begin.

Updated on June 7th: Besides saving illustrations from the platform itself, you can now design new stuff within Publer using the Canva button. It’s finally here!

After tons of votes and a huge spot on the roadmap – The epic integration on Publer is officially done.

Canva is by far one of the most favorite and powerful online tools that help users design tons of illustrations. It is one of the most suggested tools to use by social media managers, digital marketers, bloggers, etc. 

It was also part of our latest infographic – dedicated to Publer’s Ambassadors for the Thanksgiving email campaign.

🙌🏼 Well, long story short – Canva is the rich and all-in-one visual content tool that has saved so many lives. We say that because it doesn’t require any talent, nor years of learning. It’s literally all about dragging&dropping and a lot of passion to be unique!

Publer + Canva

Easy-to-use, pro functionalities, customizable work – all delivered to Publer in 1 click!

There are 2 ways you could use Canva on Publer:

First, you could save your illustrations directly to your Publer account while on your Canva profile. Simply click the 3 dots at the top right corner, search for Publer, sign in and choose the desired team, and the illustration will be automatically saved to your media library.

This is how you can connect to and save your Canva designs to Publer.

Check the example below:

Second, you can now use the Canva button to design new stuff right within Publer. Simply connect your Canva account and you can start creating new illustrations based on your Canva Plan.

Check the example below:

New Canva button in Publer

You can now filter your visual content by ‘Canva’ on the media library or the editor.

While on Canva, you can switch between Publer’s teams in a click.

Here’s how all paid plan users can start scheduling Canva designs right from the composer

You’ll never have to worry about the social media image sizes and dimensions ever again because in Canva you can choose the desired aspect ratio.

There’s no need for a paid plan on Publer to use Canva.

Remember: Users on the Free plan can still use and schedule Canva designs on Publer. But, they need to start using the designs by clicking the ‘View in Publer’ on their Canva profile as soon as they save the illustration on Canva. Otherwise, they won’t be saved on Publer, as every free plan user needs to upgrade their account, first.

Free plan users can start scheduling posts only if they save their Canva design and click View in Publer

Here’s what makes Canva everyone’s favorite online tool:

1. It provides thousands of templates – all customizable with professional graphics, fonts, stock images, etc.

2. It also provides a Free plan – all you need is an account and inspiration!

3. No need to be a designer – Canva has drag & drop options and intuitive workflow for you to make art.

4. You can personalize the whole illustration – Grab your logo, add the curated text, and save the illustration. 

We’ve been using Canva Pro since we can’t remember. Whether we wanted to create special Pins, Instagram posts/stories, blog banners, etc.

It’s designing tools are also amazing. Personalizing the visual content has never felt easier and smoother.

Gossip time – Things you might be missing out on Canva:

Did you know that you can add text colored based on the colors of the image you’ve uploaded on the creation dashboard?

Canva has got it all covered!

Filtering illustrations by selecting Canva

This new integration is available to everyone – regardless of the Plan they’re using. Free plan users will be able to interact with their Canva illustrations starting from the first design they save.

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