Shopping Tags on Instagram

Shopping tags as the most beneficial and easy to use feature for online shops.

Thinking for a minute about comparing social media channels from a business point of view? It seems like Meta features are the best to promote online shops. One of the most pleasing features on social media that fully support small businesses and creators is shopping tags on Facebook and Instagram.

Thus, every user can purchase directly from a public business profile with a click on the brand’s catalog about their physical products. 

Shopping Tags on Instagram are an incredible feature to use as a small business.

Shoppings Tags

Just as its label name “Shopping Tags,” this feature enables shopping tag options for customers!

Basically, businesses and their partners can use Instagram shopping tags to direct customers viewing the content towards purchasing products from a catalog, collection, or promotion on their website or app. 

Instagram has become a popular platform to promote products and boost sales indeed. Shopping tags provide the ideal way of driving customers directly to a business site or app. 

Shopping tags are easily accessible and added on Instagram Reels, Live, Stories, image and video posts by businesses or shopping partners, and qualified public Instagram accounts. 

Moreover, brands can establish an affiliate program in which creators with a specific audience can share the business products and recommend them by earning a percentage via affiliate tags.

Shopping Tags  are useful for all online shops.

How to tag products in your posts? Instagram Guide:

  1. Tap Post.
  2. Choose your image/video and add text or filters. Tap (Android) or Next (iOS).
  3. Tap Tag Products
  4. Select the products you want to tag as they appear in the search box.
  5. Tap (Android) or Done/Share (iOS).

How to Use Shopping Tags? 

So, posting photos and tagging people? Well, this is how it happens with Instagram Shopping Tags feature too. Just now, on your business page, you will be posting products and tagging price labels. Still, be careful in posting only top-quality content with an efficient promotion plan.

Keep in mind a few limits: 

-Single-image post allows tagging up to five products

-Carousel posts allow up to twenty products. 

-Video posts allow up to five products. 

-IG stories allow only one product.

Instagram shopping tags facilitate the process for businesses and customers as they do not have to search for the product but simply tag and purchase it. The rest is all on the algorithm. This incredible feature lets users quickly and easily have information about the products and their prices with a simple click. 

Nevertheless, businesses prefer to integrate third-party platforms to tag products in feed posts, and this is a guide for you on importing and managing items in your catalog from a partner platform.

How to Use Shopping Tags on Instagram?
Courtesy by Instagram Blog

Benefits Of Shopping Tags 

Every feature is beneficial, but shopping tags are directly profitable for businesses.

First, shopping tags improve your product’s visibility when people tag them on their stories or potential influencers share them with their audience. 

Shopping tags indeed encourage a better engagement within a community of the same interests as it facilitates the sharing access between users.

Moreover, this feature helps shoppers to better understand how products vary in different styles by leveraging your audience on Instagram.

Eligible Countries 

Instagram precisely states the eligibility of integrating the shopping feature for companies in North America, Canada, the United States, Latam (Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and APAC (Asia-Pacific countries).

Eligible countries to use shopping tags.

What’s shopping tags impact on the future of online shops?

First, not only are users going to enjoy the videos or photos posted on Instagram while tapping and making a purchase, but also easily share these posts with their community. 

So, except for online catalogs and monetized IGTVs, creators and brands can populate their feed. Plus, they can make the most out of boosting access to an easy purchase.

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