Short Video Content is the New Hit!

Social media trends include short video content.

Let’s start explaining the importance of short video content with an honest affirmation: 

We click on video promos and tutorials instead of reading step-by-step guides or following infographics. Optinmoster confirms that at least 84% of users worldwide have purchased online because of a video impact. It’s on your business goals to increase sales, isn’t it?


Because watching a video activates two out of five of our human senses: sight and hearing. Therefore, videos are more likely to attract and allow us to comprehend the information easily. 

Short video content as a thriving element in digital marketing strategy.

Let’s continue with our universal truths in these digital times:

The shortest the video, the better the chances to get liked and shared!

There’s a simple psychological trick after this assertion. Our daily activities make us feel in a hurry for anything. The timing feels like an issue! We’ve become impatient to read a manual or a whole long-format article. 

We click on short videos to obtain the tips, the joke, or a specific guide in a few seconds. We think we’re saving time by following up with short videos. 

As individuals tend to learn a lot in a short amount of time, marketers keep prioritizing short video content in every strategy. 

Still, the shortest videos do not always save our time. That’s the trick of marketers. Often we find ourselves scrolling through endless videos on a funny page or several tutorials to carefully comprehend how something gets done. 

Reels Are Thriving as Short Video Content!

The short video option known as Reels indeed changed the lives of many influencers and marketers. Thus, Instagram and TikTok aren’t simply entertaining customers. They are informing and guiding their users to the most influential brands online. 

WordStream confirms that marketers who implement short form video content in their marketing efforts have a proven growth in revenue by at least 49% faster than non-video users.

Reels are the new hit about short video content in digital marketing strategies.

To conclude, short video content is becoming vital in every digital marketing strategy in 2022. The only issue between you and your social media marketing goals is time and consistency.

With a few simple clicks, Publer makes it easy for anyone to create, schedule, and post on various social media platforms all types of content. Our superhero got your back, whether you want to post a text, image, carousels, or short video content!

Moreover, Publer will automatically add a watermark on pictures and videos if you want your logo all over your posted content.

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