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Did the creator’s block stroke you? Every time you will need some unique social media campaign examples to boost creativity feel free to come back to this article for inspiration. All businesses need a solid social media advertising strategy because advertising investments will help you increase organic reach as well.

Paid advertising increases the number of followers on your social accounts and helps you reach a similar audience to your current customers. Additionally, advertising helps you increase the number of shares by increasing traffic to your site, which Google uses as one of hundreds of search ranking signals.

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In the next paragraphs we will explain how to create effective advertising and organic campaigns on social media.

First things first! Before starting with the campaigns you should follow a few steps to better determine your strategy.

a) Study Your Audience

What is your public interest? When and where do you track your time online? Which contents reacted or which ones interacted? What language or terminology do you really follow? Most is part of the social media platform that uses analytics to provide up-to-date information on how to get the most out of your audience and how to respond to your post. Use marketing tools and online consumer reporting to gain a competitive edge from the competition.

b) Plan Your Goals.

When planning your advertising campaign, consider the ultimate goal. The more precise you are about your final destination, the easier it will be to travel to your destination. Are you looking to create a sequel, increase exposure or develop a brand? Which platforms are you interested in for your brand? What time can you reach this campaign? These are important domains to help and further your goal and strategy.

c) Create Your Own Graphic or Video Content.

Most of the creative tools developed are designed with predefined dimensions for quality digital marketing materials. Many of them offer professionally designed template layouts to give you a partition basis for your creativity. Review and edit templates and customize them with your brand colors and logos. Don’t specify what the second type of post will be that will revolve around a different audience. A campaign can be built in many different ways based on what is presented.

d) Determine Where and When to Publish.

There are a number of tools to automate and optimize your campaign. For example, the best time to post on Instagram or send a marketing email varies by platform and audience. Use your platform-by-device analytics to capture content when your audience is online and at what point they are widely co-opted. Searching for just ten minutes in some riches can dare astonishing results to your strategy.

e) Use Subtle Call to Actions

Being on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or other channels, let your following base know what you want them to do with your post. On some platforms the algorithms give priority to the most saved posts, on some others it may be more important for you to just diffuse your experience broadly. This is why it is important to address what’s the next action you are expecting from your audience.

Now let’s get to the juicy part!

social media campaign

What are some Unique Social Media Campaign Examples?

a) UGC – User Generated Content

A smart and cost effective (practically 0) strategy to increase brand awareness and brand engagement.

  • Over a decade ago, Coca Cola came up with the ingenious idea “Share a Coke with…” alongside a name, or even a cute surname. Selecting from the 80 countries where it spread, 150 most popular names per country, this campaign was one of people’s most favorite. 
  • Not long ago apple started a campaign to redeem its users’ trust towards their product launching the #shotoniphone campaign. Not only did it get positive feedback counting millions of posts but it also generated other hashtags from people that want to associate with the campaign. 
  • #myCalvins, a campaign considered inclusive but not only, because hundreds of thousands of individuals coming from different cultural backgrounds had the opportunity to showcase not only their individuality but also their own work. 

Why is it so effective? Because 89% percent of consumers prefer to buy from brands who share the same values as they do.

b) A Competition to Increase Its Visibility and Reach

Contests are ideal for increasing a company’s reach on social media. The majority of companies ask to comment on the post and tag a friend in exchange for entering the contest.

A sport’s club went even further by asking participants for a photo of their homemade training setup that saved their lives during confinement. This addition requires more involvement from an Internet user, but it thus makes it possible to ensure the seriousness of the participants.

If it had wanted to, the company could have reused these photos by asking permission from Internet users. This could have allowed them to feed their social networks.

c) Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the easiest and best way to draw organic traffic to your page and to gain more followers, fans and eventually turn them to buying customers.  Here is a list of ideas to pull them towards your comments section, website or brand:

– Post Caption
– Gamification elements
– Treasure hunt on the website
– Offering a limited-edition item
– Offer a coupon code
– Ask questions about your brand or services

d) Video Marketing Campaigns

Like a content marketing campaign, a video campaign delivers relevant information to the consumer. However, with a series of videos, you can also implement traditional advertising tactics. For example, you can create an entire video detailing the features and benefits of a new product. Alternatively, post a how-to video about something related to your industry. Videos are a great way because they are very versatile; you can send videos to your existing customers via email, post them on your social media pages or link them to your website.

Statistically video content is shared more than other types and it is more likely to go viral. 

e) Teaser Campaign

Teaser campaign If there’s one goal you probably have for your marketing campaign, it’s to spark consumer interest. This can be achieved by using a more creative “teaser” campaign. Instead of promoting a particular product or service outright, start creating advertisements that suggest a new product, service, or brand, without letting the consumer go into exact details.

This type of “what’s coming” marketing helps naturally create a sense of anticipation around your campaign. You can use traditional vehicles for advertising – print, electronics, social media, etc. – but your overall message would be tailored to a more private atmosphere. You could then end this campaign with a big event, like a product launch party or press conference.

f) Influencer Marketing

Social media is a great platform for launching digital campaigns. A unique social media campaign could start from doing business with influencers.

Micro-influencers are increasingly used for their lower cost, and the quality of people reached. The number of subscribers is lower, but they are often ultra-niche, which allows you to connect directly with those who interest you.

This tactic on social networks allows you to use the notoriety of people with a web community relevant to your business.

g) Strategic Pop-ups

The first element that comes to mind when we talk about web marketing is without a shadow of a doubt the website. There are so many actions you can put in place temporarily to support a digital campaign.

For example, Thot Cursus was looking for a way to generate more conversions, to increase its number of members and its number of subscribers to its newsletter. They wanted to keep in touch with their users.

With the implementation of strategic pop-ups, users easily found the option of creating an account and subscribing to the newsletter.

Other advertising channels to consider

The online world is a vast microcosmos and there are many other channels to consider other than the main social media platforms and the usual newsletters.

Tik Tok


Creative ideas have enormous potential to generate additional revenue for your business, and with our advice, you’re already on your way to getting the most out of your campaign strategies.

Use these Unique Social Media Campaign tips from Publer to create engaging movements, increase your conversion rates, gain new customers and retain old ones. Follow our tips and you will then have all the keys to achieving your marketing goals with excellent campaigns.

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