40+ Social Media Content Ideas in 2022

Social Media Content Ideas

Feeling fresh out of social media content ideas is something we’re now used to. That’s because of our extensive routine, working the extra hours, following up with our hobbies, etc.

But, staying quiet on social media isn’t recommended. Especially when you want to outsmart the algorithm or stay ahead of your competitors.

But, how can one succeed if they keep on feeling that burnout strike every now and then?

40+ Social Media Content Ideas in 2022 by Publer
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There are a few things you need to consider when creating new social media posts:

  • Plan ahead. You already know where your brand stands based on a visionboard or roadmap.
  • Stay consistent. In order to do that, you can try a social media scheduling tool that helps stay organized and save time for all your future marketing plans.
  • Try ‘timeless’ content. Posts that aren’t trend or season sensitive tend to receive tons of impressions and engagement. Of course, they need to be used and repurposed correctly.

Here’s How Publer Helps Boost Engagement on Social Media:

  • Schedule posts in advance – This will allow you to take the time and research for future collaborations, marketing campaigns, and organizing events.
  • Social Media Holiday Calendar – Publer will allow you access to the virtual calendar. That’s the place you can find all inter/national and awareness days in the world and create new social media posts with a click.
  • Design new visuals right from the dashboard – Publer already has incredible integrations like Canva and VistaCreate. Everyone can design new visuals (photos and marketing videos). They can use Canva (connect your account and access the features that your plan allows). Or they can use VistaCreate (connect your account or create a new one within Publer and access all PRO features for free – yeap, it’s on us!).

We’ve prepared a list of 40+ social media content ideas for you to blow u engagement these upcoming weeks. Feel free to download the image below and share it with your audience.

40+ Social Media Content Ideas in 2022 by Publer


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