Social Media Content Lifespan

Social media content lifespan is a must-know trend that affects online engagement. Find out what's the content lifespan for different socials.

Many social media managers carefully analyze the posts they create per each social network. That’s because social media content lifespan is the trickiest trend they constantly need to integrate within their strategies.

Social media managers always want to improve their writing, check whether the images fit correctly to the text and each social network, view engagement, etc.

Social Media content lifespan is vital in obtaining higher engagement online.

Success Is All About Beating The Social Media Content Lifespan!

Many things are going on in a social media manager’s mind. It begins with how many posts they should create, which are the proper image/video dimensions, how much information they should display in a single post, etc.

It is imperative to find an outstanding balance between all of these and match with every social media content lifespan. In the end, it’s the audience’s engagement that matters!

As much fun and promising as it seems, it is not recommended to post on social media very often. That’s because people might follow you and be interested in knowing everything about your products, updates, and team members. But that doesn’t mean you should display everything like in a 24/7 reality show.

Posting too often on social media has two sides to the medal. It might boost engagement or lose even the existing interest. Each social network has its own differences regarding the post’s lifespans. 

A Good marketing strategy is all about finding the perfect time to post according to social media content lifespan.

TikTok – Go Viral For a Satisfying Content Lifespan!

If there’s one social media platform that truly speed matters in posting videos, that’s TikTok. If your post is not going viral, it will be ghosted fast. That’s due to the high volume of videos shared instantly worldwide.

As the first app listed on the Top Charts on the Apple App Store, TikTok’s content lifespan is close to zero. The competition is hard to beat in creativity and volume as TikTok’s trends are intended by creators all over the world.

TikTok has the shortest social media content lifespan, close to zero.

Twitter – The Second Shortest Lifespan (15-18 min)

A short lifespan on tweets doesn’t mean the tweet gets lost forever (because you can always boost a tweet in less than 5 minutes and bring it back to life). 

But it wouldn’t hurt for you to post at least 3 times per day or maybe retweet the same tweet in a day.

Twitter has the shortest lifespan about 15-18 minutes.

Facebook – Social Media Content Lifespan Of 6 Hours!

It’s pretty unbelievable, yet the engagement on Facebook indeed reaches its peak during the first hours. Facebook’s 3rd place, according to The Refinery, is surprising. 

Understanding the volume of shared content within the platform and how its active user base of 2.91 billion users may contribute to Facebook’s slightly higher lifespan is essential.

Facebook's content lifespan is up to 6 hours.

Instagram- The Trickiest Lifespan For 48 hours!

Instagram stories last 24 hours, which is why everyone should share on Instagram daily for a better engagement with the audience. 

The Refinery estimates Instagram’s content lifespan to be up to 48 hours. Still, the algorithm is trickier on posts than stories, though.

What makes the difference from a top-tier post to a scrolled-down one it’s using the right hashtags and being relevant to what your audience mainly interacts with. 

Instagram's posts lifespan is the trickiest, with 48 hours!

LinkedIn- Social Media Content Lifespan Of 24 Hours

LinkedIn’s content lifespan is around 24 hours. But, the exciting thing about LinkedIn is that many posts can quickly trend and might be part of many people’s notification bar. It all depends on an intelligent hashtag and topic.

Still, LinkedIn users avoid overposting as the platform itself is all about professional networking. To turn such a short lifespan into your favor, learn more about the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn posts are relevant for 24 hours.

Youtube Rocks! Content Lifespan -> 20 Days

YouTube videos have a lifespan of around 20 days. In 20 days, most videos get comments, likes, and shares. Every social media post gets easily shared across many other networks, but YouTube videos have a record of sharing. That’s why its video lifespan is longer than the others.

Every vlogger or Youtube user shares his/her video on other platforms. This brings constant clicks and a higher engagement on the platform. 

So, good quality videos and decent promotions on connected channels can only achieve satisfying results for a longer video’s lifespan. 

Youtube rocks with 20 days of content lifespan.

The winner Is Pinterest With A Time Of 4 Months.

Pinterest seems to ‘win this race.’ Rich Pins have a lifespan of 4 months! No wonder the number of users on Pinterest is increasing by millions every year.

As Tinuiti states, Pinterest’s algorithm is the best if you provide a good domain authority, pinner & pins quality, plus relevant topics trending at the moment. High-quality posts and accurate hashtags can surprise you with their engagement on Pinterest. 

The winner is Pinterest with a time of content lifespan for 4 months.

Lifespans on Publer

Talking about lifespans, we on Publer are carefully taking care of all the posts on social media. Also, we’ve taken over new platforms to view the online performance, and we’d love to share it with everyone.


Well, at first, based on their website, the platform seemed to provide the most popular and powerful tools to check insights. And guess what – the first impression never lies.

We were amazed by the flexible and intuitive tools to monitor real-time statistics regarding page activities based on:

  • Days of the week or times of the day
  • Text length
  • Engagement on posts
  • Followers’ activity: likes, shares, comments, etc.
 Popsters is a real-time/life-saver because users can easily export all data into different files and make marketing plans.
A screenshot taken from Popsters‘ dashboard

At the moment, we’re finding Popsters a real-time/life-saver because we can easily export all data into different files and make marketing plans. We know how the audience interacts with our posts, and we’re constantly improving Publer’s online presence.

Why Is Popsters Different?

Data that make Popsters a special platform.
A screenshot taken from Popsters‘ dashboard

LR: The Love Rate is the number of likes per audience size (total number of all likes/number of subscribers * 100%).

TR: The Talk Rate is the number of comments per audience size (total number of all comments/subscribers * 100%).

So, Popsters, the all-in-one platform for insight track, sounds like a plan now, right?

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