Social Media Holiday Calendar December 2020

The essential tip to the online presence success is to be creative and social. 

The list of social media holidays is very helpful for all Digital Marketers. Keeping track of national and international holidays boosts inspiration and grabs attention really quickly.

Although, it’s very important to keep social posts relevant and always be well-informed about their respective history and background.

It’s part of a tradition – Publer displays the Social media Holiday Calendar – December 2020 (pdf).

Reasons why knowing relevant Social Media Holidays is important for your small business:

1. Improves branding

Branding isn’t only a logo and its color. Branding is a powerful history that stands behind a business. In a previous article, we’ve mentioned all the advantages that investing in branding has and will have in 2021 too.

Being part of trending articles, email marketing campaigns, or organizing creative events is the background you want for your business.

Remember: Investing in branding makes you stand out easily.

2. Helps inspire for next social media posts

There are a lot of days when you just run out of ideas and that’s a bit scary. Except for taking UGC or daily tips and motivational quotes into consideration, take these holidays.

Social Media Holidays consist of different and special days around the world – most of which can easily become part of a quote, event idea, poll, etc.

3. Display new products

If there’s no right day to announce a new product or service? We’ve got your back.

Tips to take advantage of the social media holidays using tools like Publer:

With the brand new integration of Canva, everyone can create powerful and unique designs that relate to each social media holiday. Save all your designs to your Media Library on Publer. Schedule them on the respective dates. Looking for free stock images? Find unique images from Unsplash – right within Publer.

Keep all media organized in labels and add notes so you can’t forget any of the details you want to add to your posts.

Don’t forget to use the relevant #hashtags as well. Make the most out of the built-in hashtag generator on Publer. And off to populating your social media feed!

Schedule follow-up comments to leave some extra details like more hashtags or the sources of information – so you can keep your content nice and clean!

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