Social Media Holiday Calendar February 2021

Social media holidays are a trend which marketers should make sure to follow properly. It is important to keep up with what’s happening in the world.

The beautiful part of holidays is that there’s a holiday for everything.

7 Reasons why you should take advantage out of February 2021:

  1. February – the ‘Black History’ Month or the ‘Valentine’s Day’ Month, has 102 holidays!
  2. Each holiday is a chance to reach potential customers and a valuable audience
  3. Your feed will never be deserted because there’s always something to post in case you’re feeling fresh out of ideas
  4. Tons of holidays can fire up your imagination and help you organize events, giveaways, flash sales, etc.
  5. Your posts will rank high as you’re intending to use trending #hashtags
  6. Being aware of all these holidays will free up your time by scheduling them once for all. Sometimes, when you’re not feeling creative, simply add a Gif and a hashtag. Then, off to enjoy the engagement on your post!
  7. Build trust! People love seeing their favorite brand mention their national holiday on social media.

This month we were amazed by the number of holidays! Like, literally. We count over 100 social media holidays.

If you’re in a food-related business: there’s a day for crepes, carrot cakes, Nutella, pizza, chocolate mint, cherry pie, banana bread, etc.

If you’re in an online marketing business: there’s a day for digital learning, safer internet day, clean out your computer, etc.

5 quick tips to make the most out of the February 2021 Calendar :

  • Schedule all your posts in advance by adding each respective #hashtag.
  • Make sure to populate the social media feed with relevant visual content. Be true&loyal to your niche as well.
  • Make the most out of free stock image websites like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, etc.
  • Design thumb-stopping illustrations on Canva and Visme
  • Prepare social media polls, AMAs, giveaways, etc.

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