Social Media Holiday Calendar March 2022

Social Media Holiday Calendar March 2022

Every day is a social media holiday. And we’ll never get tired of saying that because we’re in fact stating the obvious.

We love using different social media holidays to spice up our content. We have covered 200+ important social media holidays that will blow up the engagement.

Different holidays can help your brand raise awareness and highlight their best/new promotional efforts.

Social Media Holiday Calendar March 2022 by Publer

Creating a social media presence is easier once you go just the extra mile:

  • Follow top trends on social media on Pinterest Newsroom or TikTok Discover section. Also, don’t forget to follow huge sites like Social Media Today.
  • Prepare events, webinars, or flash sales for different holidays. Don’t forget to promote them correctly using recurring posts or collaborating with influencers.
  • Sometimes, people need a motivational quote. This is a great way to get out of the ‘boring zone’. Allow everyone to feel more comfortable and connected with you.

These are some smart strategies for you to use Publer and social media holidays this March 2022:

  • Create funny and relevant memes using Canva integration on Publer. Pick a relevant holiday on the virtual calendar. Once you click the hashtag, it will already be added to your post. Connect your Canva account, search for memes, and off to get creative! Click here to watch our tutorial for the best Canva experience on Publer.
  • Promote your latest updates using organic Facebook carousels for free on Publer. Add up to 5 images along with a title, description, and link.
  • Get some content recommendations if you’re feeling fresh out of ideas. Go to the Content section, pick a niche, and select a few keywords. Then, share articles from top sites in the world.

Download the holiday calendar for March 2022 with your marketing team:

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