Social Media Holiday Calendar November 2020

It’s part of a tradition now – Publer will always let you know how you can make the most out of your time by sharing relevant and useful Social Media Holidays.

Craving for some Thanksgiving pie already? Us too.

Today, we’re introducing Social Media Holiday Calendar NOVEMBER 2020

Social Media Holiday Calendar – November 2020

What is it and why do you need to be aware of all social media holidays?

Social Media Holiday Calendar is a strategic method of creating an important online presence. Sharing appropriate information regarding different international holidays only helps be close to your customers. And of course, they attract potential ones.

November is an interesting month – full of holidays! Rather you own a small bakery ‘World Vegan Day‘, ‘National Candy Day‘, ‘National Cake Day‘; tech company ‘Computer Security Day‘, ‘Cyber Monday‘, ‘STEM Day‘; or you’re starting a new small business ‘National Entrepreneurs Day‘, ‘Small Business Saturday‘ – there’s a relevant hashtag for almost everything.

Here’s why you should make the most out of the social media holidays this November:

Use the #hashtags

Each holiday has its own specific #hashtag. And it becomes a trending one once you’re closer to the holiday date. Posts that contain those hashtags are easily reachable, so don’t let your post get lost among the others.

You can also get hashtag suggestions from the built-in tool on Publer. You can search and find relevant hashtags that match the social media holiday you’re about to create a post for.

Publer allows you to get relevant hashtag suggestions from texts, media, and links. I.e once you upload a tech-related image, all trending, good, or less used hashtags will be shown to you. How time-saving is that?

This is how Publer uses Social media Holidays on posts - Example taken from Twitter
This is how Publer uses Social media Holidays on posts – Example taken from Twitter

Be closer to your audience

Social Media Holidays are an amazing chance to make an impact. People love details and therefore. They’ll love seeing you share useful information or promotional news related to a specific holiday. As a small business, you might have a mixed audience. People from all over the world might follow you on different social networks, so it’s amazing to share some facts or simply mention that you are aware of their national special day.

Think of Thanksgiving – It is already celebrated in Canada (October 12th), but it is also a huge holiday for people living in the US on November 26th (last Thursday of November).

If there’s no perfect date to launch a new campaign/feature, so consider a social media holiday to become one

That being mentioned, we’re huge fans of introducing new updates on special days. Not only will your audience get triggered to opening your email, but there is actually something for you to offer.

Let everyone know how they can purchase a plan out of your options on a specific day. Tips? Use well-curated illustrations and keep it all relevant, useful, and short.

Click below to download your Social Media Holiday Calendar – November 2020

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