Social Media Holiday Calendar October 2022 🎃 | 30+ important dates to keep in mind

Just like that, October comes in golden hues. And, we’ve got the perfect schedule for you to rock your social channels: Our monthly social media holiday calendar 2022.

We are beyond excited about the new holidays approaching! And let’s be honest: October has some really fun days on its calendar.

We don’t want to sound repetitive but how amazing is it to have some trending hashtags on social media days to celebrate your own victories?

New updates, new employees, a wonderful webinar coming up, and so many other marketing plans you’ve prepared.

Social Media Holiday Calendar October 2022

How to access all major Social Media Holidays

Each month, we carefully select the best-fitting social media holidays that can benefit any business, brand, or niche. To make it easier for you, not only do we create articles and .pdf files like this, but we also upload everything to your own Publer account!

Inside your Calendar view, you will find each day marked with its respective holidays!

What major holidays are in October?

Are you ready for Halloween? If not, we have prepared a list of fun and smart ideas on how to celebrate it. And if you think it’s early to start taking care of that, Google Trends and Keyword research doesn’t think so. People have been searching for Halloween-related keywords since July!

Out of curiosity, there are some fun, engaging events and days of observance like:

World Vegetarian Day – October 1

Every year on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day, together with International Coffee Day, kicks off a month full of healthy vegetables, unique fall recipes, and lots of options that can substitute meat.

For those new to vegetarianism, it serves as an enticement to give meatless fare a try (even for a day) and learn about its many benefits.

Do Something Nice Day – October 5

  • Give some kudos to your colleagues on LinkedIn.
  • Promote a local startup.
  • Buy some delicious desserts and share them with your colleagues.

Get To Know Your Customers Day (October 20)

  • Start a new campaign dedicated to your loyal customers and give away freebies (regardless of the niche: a free month of your product, coupons, a free informative infographic, etc.).
  • Organize webinars, polls, and quizzes with which customers can engage and learn more about them.
  • Start a trending branded hashtag for your customers to share their stories.

Contact us if you want a list of ideas for all October Holidays in your email.

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How can Publer help

In case you’re wondering, here’s how Publer can be a great asset when it comes to all social media holidays in October 2022:

  • Find free templates and design wonderful illustrations using elements, special text fonts, your branded colors, etc. – with Crello and Canva within Publer. You’re literally one click away from preparing wonderful and thumb-stopping designs. (PS: You can use the Pro plan features on Crello within Publer, anytime and at no extra costs).
  • Besides the unique hashtag each holiday has, you can generate some other trending hashtags which relate to the text, link, or visuals you’re using on the editor.
  • Keep the visuals and posting schedules organized by using the color-coded labels so you can easily manage the workflow.
  • Preview the Instagram Feed before posting anything about the holidays and make it aesthetic and calm for the eye.
  • Attach all links to your Link in Bio and allow everyone to easily find your webinars, updates, on-sale products, etc.

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