Social Media Holidays April 2021

It’s almost April!

We’ve already prepared Publer’s social media posts for April and left a few days empty for our amazing updates.

If curious, head to our roadmap real quick.

April is an amazing month. It’s full of important social media holidays and our Easter Egg Hunt online event is coming up! You know what that means: free months for every winner.

Did you know that there’s a Hanging Out Day, World Creativity and Innovation Day, National Take a Chance Day?

And also a day for Blueberry Pie, Pretzel, Banana, Chocolate Covered Cashews… 

Just a reminder about the Top reasons you should be aware of all social media holidays:

  1. Stay close to your diverse audience. By celebrating a national holiday, you can get seen by a local audience and earn more visitors. And why not, new customers. We know that hashtags work as filters, therefore, celebrating together with a whole nation will empower your online presence.
  2. Let’s admit it – we don’t always feel inspired. Social media holidays work as a charm when you don’t know what to post. You can simply add a Gif to your posts and schedule them for the day.
  3. There’s always a day that’s relevant to your brand’s niche. Use that day (those days) to share important information about your updates and new products/services.
  4. Use a social media holiday as a referring day to an upcoming event. Organize a podcast and share it often. So people can remember that your podcast (for example) is held on the same day as an important holiday.
  5. Generate awareness, boost sales, and build a whole new audience using these smart strategies.

Here’s how you can use most of the Social Media Holidays for April 2021 via Publer:

  • Search through the new Calendar View for the social media holiday hashtags you want to create a new post for.
  • Find a relevant Gif or search for a trending image using the Unsplash integration within the editor. Or simply design a Canva illustration and save it directly to your media library on Publer. This way you can start creating a brand new post with it.
  • If you’re not feeling creative, simply go to the Content Curation section and search for trending articles based on keywords, date, country, etc.
  • Schedule all your Instagram posts using URLs so every person who visits your link in bio can easily click and view the articles/updates/products that you want. PS: get your unique Link in Bio today.

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