Social Media Image Sizes and Dimensions

Being visually attractive is the number one requirement in case you want your social media to grow fast.

People love photos and videos and every single post that contains media receives great engagement. ALWAYS.

According to, Twitter posts that contain media always receive up to 35% boost in retweets and Facebook posts receive up to 37% increase in engagement.

What is the aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the width and height of an image presented as a ratio. For example, the ratio 9:16 – the number 9 represents the width and the number 16 represents the height.

What is the size of an image?

Let’s talk in pixels! It’s the pixels that represent the size of an image and it is as well written in two numbers, the first one representing the width and the second one representing the height. I.e 1080px X 1080px.

It is highly recommended to use the proper sizes and dimensions on all your social posts that contain media, regardless the social networks.

Each and every social network has specific requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to have a decent and professional appearance.

Sizes and dimensions refer to pixels dimensions and resolutions. It’s very important to be precise, regardless of the difficulties that one might have. Your brand’s online exposure depends on the quality of the media you add.

Media on social media consists of: profile picture, cover photos, ads images, thumbnails, albums, videos, etc.

Optimize the sizes and dimensions of your posts for all social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google My Business) and enjoy the boost in engagement and reach.

Make sure to preview all your media before they are shared.

How? Simply click the Preview tool on Publer, and if you’re not happy with the results, get back at resizing and fitting!

Click to view the detailed infographics per each social network image sizes and dimensions requirements and recommendations:

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