11 Best Social Media Management Software and Tools in 2023

social media management software

Think back to years ago when social media was just starting to take off. You had to manually manage your brand’s accounts on each social media platform.

For example, you had to log into Facebook to use Facebook. Logging into Twitter to use Twitter. 

If you were to take that native approach to social media for your company, you would quickly develop a reputation as an inefficient time waster. 

Finally, those days are over.

You don’t want that! And I don’t want that for you. 

That’s why I’m going to share with you the best social media management software and tools to help you get a significant result and look like a rockstar!

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Top Features to Look For in Social Media Management Software

First off, let’s discuss the features to consider in social media management software and tools.

Most social media scheduling tools have features that are very similar to one another, but they also differ depending on the social networks they support. 

Twitter, for instance, provides a completely distinct set of analytics data from Facebook, and Instagram is a distinct posting platform from YouTube.

So, if you’re looking for the best software for managing social media, there are a few key characteristics. In most cases, they make it simple and effective to manage your company’s social media presence. 

Particularly, you should look for:

  • Manage various social media networks: Manage all social networks in one app.
  • Scheduling tools: The ability to batch your social media posts at the beginning of the week or month and then simply let them run with powerful scheduling tools.
  • In-depth analysis: To further check your posts’ performance
  • Cost-effectiveness: High prices need to be justified with additional features, customer support, and team and collaboration tools.

11 Best Social Media Management Software and Tools in 2023

Let’s find out in more detail eleven social media management software and tools that you can consider using in 2023.


I’m sure it is no surprise to you that consistently creating content is hard. And one of the best ways to save your precious time is to batch and schedule all your posts ahead of time. 

Publer is the perfect tool for it because it takes some pressure off your shoulders when it comes to content creation and frees up a lot more time to focus on your business.

Helps you manage all your social media profiles and connects to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, Google Business, WordPress, Telegram and YouTube.

Also, it’s so much easier to just drag and drop your images to a monthly view, copy and paste your captions, insert your hashtags, and set it to auto-publish to forget all about it.

Here’s a video that describes Publer in 1 minute. Have a look:

Meet Publer – Your Social Media Superhero

But let’s take a look at Publer features:

Calendar View: Posts can be easily managed and filtered by members or social accounts. Take your business to the next level by viewing timeslots and the best times to post, planning out visuals individually or in bulk, and enhancing an aesthetic feed.

social media management software

Link In Bio: Your Instagram marketing strategy can be improved. There is no longer any need to alter the link in the bio. You can promote sales or blog posts quickly, widely, and wisely to boost engagement and traffic. With less effort, you can make a strategic plan and achieve all of your business objectives.

Workspaces: By creating a workspace for each brand, client, or business that you are currently working on, you can manage your workflow. Work together with different individuals by welcoming them utilizing your email and picking the legitimate job for them. The dashboard contains all members and social media accounts!

Analytics: You can see where your organic and paid posts on various websites are losing or gaining visibility by analyzing them. Keep tabs on all networks’ total followers and page likes. Gain insight: reach, participation, link clicks, and video views.

social media management software

Media Integrations: Quickly edit images with the appropriate aspect ratios for any social media platform by importing them directly into the media library. You can use stickers, colors, and filters to match your style. Simply resize your images to fit the aspect ratios of particular channels.

There is more. Have an in-depth look at the Publer features here.

Also, from now on, you can download Publer in your App Store and Google Play for easy scheduling even while on the go.

Zoho Social

Let’s move on to Zoho Social. Features that are “built for every social media feed” can be found in Zoho Social, a tool. You are able to initiate discussions, share reports, establish team roles, and encourage feedback using the app. This makes it simple to get everyone on board with your strategies, updates, and insights into performance.

The platform has its own optimized timing features, similar to Sprout, in addition to scheduling. You can also publish posts and repost user-generated content from your desktop using Zoho Social’s integrated Instagram scheduling.


Sendible work to focusing on agencies and other large businesses that manage multiple social media profiles with their software. They also provide a number of useful integrations to make managing social media for their users as simple as possible.

Social Pilot

For those who are just getting started with a management tool, SocialPilot is a straightforward and easy-to-use social media management solution. The tool has publishing and scheduling functions as well as a content list that has been selected with keywords and categories in mind and will automatically post to your feed.

For better strategies, SocialPilot offers in-depth analytics reports. Users will be able to determine what audiences are interested in by analyzing growth patterns and content performance, and audience insights.


eClincher advertises itself as a social media management platform and emphasizes its dedication to providing round-the-clock customer support. They place a strong emphasis on the adaptability of their workforce in order to constantly adapt their tool to meet the requirements of their customers and cut down on user time.


NapoleonCat makes it easier for teams and users to collaborate and break up complicated workflows. Calendars can be color-coded and viewed by users in addition to being approved, published, and scheduled.

You can manage customer inquiries and reviews, post product updates across profiles, and track your results. It is important to note that NapoleonCat does not integrate with TikTok but only with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


Buffer allows you to build up a selection of relevant posts you want to share, which can then schedule to go out at more suitable appropriate times for your audience. The mobile app and browser extension make it easy to add web page links, titles, and images quickly to your scheduling tool.

As well as suggesting more suitable times for you to post to your networks and giving you your analytics to show you how well your content is doing.


Another tool is Later. Later allows you to schedule your social media content publishing for all channels in just one place. 

After beginning as a social media management tool for Instagram, it gradually expanded to include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms. They provide a number of features that make Instagram management a breeze, such as a link-in-bio tool.


CoSchedule started out as a content marketing company but has since expanded to include social media management and a calendar. By enabling teams to schedule all marketing content, including blogs, using their content calendar and helping assist brands in maintaining marketing organization.


Tailwind began to assist brands in scheduling and automating Pinterest marketing prior to expanding into Facebook and Instagram because there was a void in the market for scheduling for Pinterest. 

Now Tailwind provides you with a marketing strategy and unifies your social and email marketing into a single platform, allowing you to expand more quickly and easily.


Pallyy is a one-of-a-kind social media management tool made for agencies. A single location for agencies to plan and schedule client social media posts. The Pallyy dashboard is very engaging: a workflow in the style of kanban, a library of media and folders, and a real visual planner where you can plan your grids.

Key Takeaways

Now, before considering one of the tools, we would like to remind you shortly of the features you need to look for before deciding.

  • Manage various social media networks: Manage all social networks in one app.
  • Simply schedule all your social media posts.
  • In-depth analysis to further check your posts’ performance. 
  • Cost-effectiveness.

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