Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021

Among all the social networks available out there, we already know which ones are the most popular and need more time to invest.

When you’re new to business, it’s very important to start working with an online presence, as soon as possible. Many questions pop up during an online marketing plan, such as:

  • Which is the right social account for my brand’s niche?
  • What are my goals?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of posting too often? Etc.

Before heading to a huge investment in ads and marketing, you should evaluate everything above.

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Here’s the social media platform’s ranking everyone is talking about for the next year:


Pinterest is an amazing social network for massive link clicks. Many people are currency linking their social accounts to some rich Pins so they get more engagement there as well.

Pinterest is the future of the social networks – it’s fast, reaches a huge audience, boosts engagement, it’s a great ROI strategy, etc.

Your daily routine on Pinterest might consist of 10 minutes of manually saving others’ Pins and some rich Pin-scheduling. We’re currently using Publer as its integration with Zapier allows us to create Pins that contain descriptions, links, and select the proper board to save a Pin.

Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021 - Pinterest


One of the most popular social networks worldwide – counting over 500 million users. The trick to having an engaged audience is to share high-quality and up-to-date media. Always.

Keeping an active Instagram account only brings you one step closer to potential clients. Instagram contains one of the most powerful marketing strategies –  

On Instagram, you can add a link in Bio or as a Swipe Up action in Stories. Providing fast access to the desired website/page is what people love most. No copy-pasting and tiring actions.

There are multiple new features and tools that Instagram added during the last months and we’re trying to make the most out of everything there. People are loving the monetized IGTVs, Messenger Rooms, Desktop DMs, the range of features on Stories, etc.

IGTV monetizing image when searching for Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021


With around 1.7 billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most powerful social networks. Lately, with all the changes in the world in 2020, Facebook has brought new amazing features, such as Facebook Shops. The new eCommerce option on Facebook seems to have brought up the necessity to own a Facebook account.

There are new email marketing tools, advanced features for Facebook Stories, WhatsApp Pay services, etc.

Facebook is both professional and social.

We prefer scheduling links via Publer, because we can choose among a huge range of CTA buttons. Users love CTA buttons because they can easily get access and reach to their desired action.

Facebook illustration when searching for Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021


Lately, LinkedIn has started to roll out LinkedIn Stories. It’s still not available in all countries, but this new feature will help all the professionals share new job vacancies, daily positive quotes, a day in the office, new updates, etc. easily.

Stories are a great way to reach people faster and allow them to interact with the desired CTA buttons. Just like Facebook and Instagram’s Stories, every user can share images and short videos.

LinkedIn has always been a strategic social network that provides multiple options to help all job seekers and collect customer feedback – that might come in handy if you’re about to create some UGC for the future posts.

LinkedIn illustration when searching for Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021


Over 300 million users and multiple tools to make the most out of it. Twitter is an old yet modern method to share thoughts and new updates.

Twitter has become an essential social network for each business, as it helps reach an audience fast and share relevant information. Also, Twitter allows users to create polls with up to 4 options and pin the most important tweets on top of one’s profile.

It is one of the most famous social networks mostly in the US. It’s the fastest source of information, but don’t forget about its content lifespan – it’s only 18 minutes – so you better keep on tweeting to always be on top of everyone’s feed.

Our current obsession is the thread-scheduling. We’re preparing Twitter threads with up to 15 tweets on Publer, to showcase the 2020 last features we’re launching – and there are a lot!

Twitter illustration when searching for Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021

Google My Business

We’ve talked about the advantages of owning a Google My Business account – a lot. That, because we’re in love with the multiple facilities that Google My Business provides. Rather it’s the Free advertising, options to share updates, offers, and events, or the fact that it strategically boosts trust and attracts potential customers – we’re all into being active at least 3 times per week.

We’re always scheduling posts, because we’re keen to add every important detail, like CTA buttons – let’s admit it – we want to preview the posts before sharing them with the audience.

Google My Business illustration when searching for Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs in 2021

And yes, these are the future. Because people love Free social networks that can do so much! At the moment, Publer is supporting all the social networks mentioned above.

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