Social Media Popularity on Numbers

social media popularity and their latest trends

With the unquestionable growth of social media popularity, we bet you’ve heard at least one of these sentences:

Are you on Facebook?

“Let me follow you on Instagram!

I’ve just published a Tweet!

My video went viral on TikTok!

I found a job on Linkedin!

My photos are the most loved on Pinterest!

We’ve listened to all of them, and we’ve always wondered about future social media trends: 

What are the stats behind the curtain?

The most popular social media platforms.

Based on Meltwater’s Stata on social media popularity, the same platforms are on top of the pyramid, but at different percentages. 

Facebook holds the crown of enlisting 90% of over 3,000 marketing specialists who aspire to expand their brand awareness worldwide. 

LinkedIn has a significant growth with 89%, followed by Instagram with 82%. Although these platforms are pretty different, users find them both extremely necessary. 

Moreover, YouTube notes a slight growth of 74%, while Twitter stands fifth with 68% in the best top five. 

What is the fastest growing social media platform?

Unsurprisingly, TikTok is expected to get Facebook’s crown as the fastest-growing social media channel in 2022. 

Among the most thriving social media trends, using TikTok has been picking up speed. The data was collected from the answers of 3000 experts that participated in the research from Meltwater. In 2022, 40% of them will rely heavily upon this app for their social media needs.

The fastest growing social media platforms. All social media icons.

The abundance of short-form videos on social media is one of the most recent trends worldwide. As a result, many brands have started jumping onto this TikTok international tendency.

The rise of short-form videos on YouTube and Instagram Reels is not a surprise. Still, it does indicate that organizations must have a comprehensive social media strategy.

What are the top social media goals to track?

Based on Meltwater’s report, the percentages we’ve listed above do not indicate the must-follow platforms for social media users. It reports all the statistics about the latest social media trends. If 3000 specialists choose Facebook over Instagram, it doesn’t mean you should undoubtedly pursue the same path. 

Take that data as a guide to understanding every platform’s tendencies. Still, your business goals make the difference on which social media channel you should strengthen your efforts. 

Among digital marketing specialists, Meltwater asked for their top three goals. It’s surprising to notice three intentions not directly correlated to revenue. 

Top three business goals via social media platforms.

Ultimately, professional marketers aspire to raise the brand’s awareness, obtain better engagement, and reach new potential clients worldwide.

The best way to be successful and match the latest social media trends is by focusing less of your time and energy on instant sales. Marketing experts suggest using extra effort for something more meaningful and long-lasting. A good reputation will lead to higher ROI in the long run. 

To conclude, social media platforms are continuously becoming essential in every digital marketing strategy in this digital era. To follow up with a consistent posting plan on social media, you will need our superhero powers indeed.

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