11 Social Media Stats That Matter to Marketers

Social media is the engine of inspiration, brand discovery, and profits.

Taking good care of all the posts and information you share, is the number one thing most marketers spend a lot of time on. Once you’re into social media and see all the great results, there’s no going back.

There’s something that’s very interesting, yet special regarding social media. It is the fact that many things change fast and without even noticing, something has gone viral and you must be following it. There’s a pool of options to take advantage of. There’s Instagram/Facebook Stories – where you could easily showcase a new feature, service, or product and give quick CTA options for all the viewers, Shopping tools on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube – to make a fast purchase based on different Influencer contents, job postings, etc.

No matter how much social media changes, because it is always going to help the users with their jobs, and daily life.

All social networks are unique and they provide a lot of information. Rather you’re using them to communicate, find job opportunities, get inspired for events, read empowering quotes, or showcase new updates of your brand – social media is always a good answer.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Here’s a list of 11 top stats that matter to digital marketers:

Note: All of the listed stats have their respective URL-source linked. None of those is our copyright – all credits go to their linked websites.

  1. Almost 50% of the population uses social media
  2. Every person spends over 2 hours per day on social media
  3. Around 30% of people use live-streaming on major social media platforms
  4. Around 70% of Americans use Facebook 
  5. The best time to post on Facebook is during the weekdays (10 AM – 3 PM)
  6. Video promotions have the same importance and effectivity as photo promotions
  7. The ads’ budget spent has been decreased by over 23% in 2020
  8. LinkedIn counts around 700 million users
  9. Live Streams on LinkedIn increased by 158%
  10. Over 50% of Pinterest users live outside the US
  11. Brands that share posts images on their Google My Business posts receive 35% more clicks to their websites!

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