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This blog article lists the latest hot topics among social media trends and digital marketing news. Obviously, you and Publer have the same goal: 

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Thus, we truly believe that listing the hottest trends will give our users vital information to update their content and ads in real-time.

Social media news trending this week.

Pin Instagram Posts On Top Of The Grid View

Certainly, there is no doubt that SoMe platforms are working on strengthening business efforts. Thus, their main efforts stand in communicating better with their customers. Therefore, you should always stay updated on the latest news. Instagram is thriving with new updates for its users, such as tagging multiple profiles on posts and pinning posts on top of their profiles.

The New Update from Instagram is to Pin Instagram Posts

LinkedIn New Reaction – Funny

As the most favored platform to connect with experts in the related industry, users are continuously seeking new options from the giant of business platforms. LinkedIn adds a new reaction to ease its users’ experience and give a friendlier touch to members’ interactions with each other.

LinkedIn New Reaction in 2022 is named Funny

Meta Community Policies – What’s New?

Meta is considered the future of communication in this digital era we’re living in. Since millions of users focus their transactions on Meta platforms, Meta must update its Community Policies to protect users from fraudulent activities.

New Meta Community Policies are available online

Twitter Tests Notes Feature

If short tweets were a struggle for you, Twitter’s new feature would allow you to freely post long texts and in-depth analyses on different topics you want to express your viewpoints. You should read further on the link below if it sparks your interest.

Twitter Notes Feature is the latest update

Pinterest New Ad Tools

Pinterest comes up with two valuable additions for its users. The visually appealing platform is launching two new ad tools to support its users success on the platform. Read further about Idea Ads and Paid Partnerships between creators and brands.

Pinterest new ad tools are out now. Idea Ads and Paid Partnerships are available for creators and brands.


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