Top Sources to Monitor Social Media Updates and Strategize Your Business

Top Sources to Monitor Social Media Updates and Strategize Your Business

Getting real-time social media updates from huge networks is by far the most strategic and useful move for marketers.

Social Networks tend to release news and update their features now and then and sometimes, it’s hard to keep up.

This is why we’ve covered a few important resources for everyone interested in getting flash headlines. This way, you can organize your social media content calendar in advance.

But, first things first.

Top Sources to Monitor Social Media Updates and Strategize Your Business by Publer
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In case you’re still wondering, here’s why you need to keep up with social networks’ updates and trends:

  • Unlock New Opportunities – Understanding what social networks are working on and what they’ve prepared for their users is key to standing ahead of the competition. You don’t want to be the last one to know that TikTok has released Stories. Or that Snapchat Spotlights’ Influencers are making a fortune.
  • Refine a Social Media Strategy – When Instagram first announced Reels, the TikTok-lookalike feature, everyone was happy. But something that not everyone thought at first was that now their brand’s social media strategy would change. Whether they would free up some days in the calendar to 

Top Sources to Monitor Social Media Updates and Strategize Your Business by Publer
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So, let’s get into it.

Top Social Media News and Updates Sources to Follow


As a social media management tool that helps marketers, digital marketing agencies, solopreneurs, bloggers, influencers, etc., Publer lets you create, organize, schedule, and analyze social media posts.

One of the main focuses in 2022 for the tool is to become a one-stop shop for social media updates so that everyone can get real-time news about what’s happening in the world with Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Therefore, Publer’s Blog populates with trending news and articles that can help everyone interested get fresh updates and prepare smart business plans for the future.

Social Media Today

This is an impressive website that allows everyone to get the latest news from social networks.

Professionals know best that being the first to read the latest headlines is a marketing hack you can’t put a price on. Therefore, Social Media Today also provides a dedicated space for their community, where they host Twitter chats and get to talk about what’s happening in the world.

They also have a daily Newsletter that keeps subscribers updated about social media marketing, platforms, social strategies, digital/influencer marketing, etc.

NBC News – Social Media

The NBC News (Social Media Category), covers the latest events from all social networks. Besides the written articles some of their news are also in video formats.

Now, that’s what we call a News ROOM.

AdWeek – Social Marketing

This is another personal favorite social media source of information. What we love about AdWeek is the recent updates, but also the tips and tricks they share so marketers can make any second count!

Their Social Media Marketing category contains news/tips about AI, AR, Messaging, Influencers, etc.

Social Networks’ Newsrooms

Well, it’s no secret that huge brands/sources like the ones above get their news from the social networks themselves.

Every social network has its Newsroom and Blog where they share updates, tips, and what they’re working on.

Check them out:

Amazing Hack to Stay Ahead of the Competition

We at Publer have been supporting RSS Feed automation as a feature since November 2020. It is basically a smart way to get all new updates/articles in your virtual dashboard. Besides being able to view and read them, users can even share and schedule them with their audience across all social networks.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you need to get the RSS Feed URL of the desired newsroom/blog and add it to Publer.
  • Then, you can filter by the desired keywords you want to include or exclude and set the automation of the new items up based on your preferences.

Automate RSS Feed URLs on Publer

This feature will keep you updated about what’s trending and what huge socials are working on. While doing so, you can either prepare a blog article or a new marketing plan to stand out from the competition!

Click here to learn how to properly set up any RSS Feed.

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