Some Winning Video Distribution Strategies You Should Know

Some Winning Video Distribution Strategies You Should Know - by Donna Maurer

Written by Donna Maurer

Creating, developing, and producing a high-quality video takes a lot of time and effort. When you first launch it, you hope that it will make an impact on viewers. Sometimes, this is not always the case, and you notice that the watch count has depleted. What gives? 

It is crucial that when you are making a video, to have a distribution strategy in mind. Having a solid plan will give your content new life, utilizing it within various platforms or mediums to gain more visibility.


Since videos have become one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, the content and storytelling within the videos have to impact. Customers love to use the story that they are watching to learn more about your brand and business, to find out what your mission is, find a connection and then look at your services or products for purchase.

Forbes has noted that a whopping 90% of customers say that video helps them make buying decisions. Seeing video makes people want to purchase. So, treating your video content as one of your most valuable marketing assets is crucial. Hence, a distribution strategy is necessary to help with establishing yourself to stand out and develop growth.

But, how do you go about doing this? Here are ten video strategies that you should implement to maximize your content exposure on your videos.


Setting your goals and objectives for your end game is where you need to start. You can keep risks low and stay on track with your strategy by planning things far in advance. Establishing all upfront tactics like distributing the videos for more engagement, staying within a set budget, and narrowing down where you will find your target audience is essential to know before you begin.

Planning out video production techniques is another step that should be done before the distribution takes place. Having the videos put together and ready for sharing beforehand will help you create your schedule and timeline. You should also organize and develop a platform for managing different links so that you can keep track of them all in one place.

Some Winning Video Distribution Strategies You Should Know - by Donna Maurer
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Another vital tactic within your strategy should include the length of your videos. The attention span of people has gotten shorter, and getting to the point needs to happen quickly. So you should keep your videos quick and straightforward.

If you create a video that goes into great depth or has too much information, you will lose your audience before giving them the best parts. Instead, give them all the good stuff right from the get-go with your video marketing. For example, you can easily repurpose blog content and create a shortened, easy-to-digest video by utilizing content you already have. Your production time won’t be as expensive with cropped videos, so you can also save on costs. Ideally, you want to keep your video length to just a couple of minutes at most.


Your distribution strategy needs to include those ever-so-popular SEO buzzwords and phrases. Optimized words are key to gaining more exposure with your videos. Here are some suggestions to help with providing friendly SEO content:

  • Use keywords within your Titles as much as possible
  • Give a detailed (but short) video description with as many keywords as you can fit
  • Turn on captions
  • Enable video transcript

If you take some time and put some effort into researching and figuring out the best keywords and phrases to include, it will go a long way to helping your videos to appear at the top of search pages. 

Another aspect of SEO is that many people will be looking through your video content on their phones, so be sure that your video distribution strategy includes a mobile-friendly option. Having mobile-friendly videos also helps increase sharing abilities, so you have a better chance of something going viral.


A social media campaign is a great place to start with your distribution. These will allow your business to establish target customers while experimenting with various methods to get your message across multiple channels. 

One of the great benefits of social media is that you can promote the same material repeatedly. For example, Facebook has over 2 billion active users, with over 4 million videos being viewed daily, and many businesses don’t do enough with video. This provides your business with a more significant opportunity to connect with your target audience using video. 

In the same token, Instagram videos generate many more comments than photos do, and stories are a great way to create that Fear Of Missing Out “FOMO” in potential customers who don’t want to miss anything new. Thus, social media platforms are an excellent option to develop brand awareness while also establishing trust with potential consumers.


Having a YouTube channel is another strategy that should be high on your list for video sharing. There are billions of active users, and it is one of the most significant search engines currently out there in the online world. Therefore, it is the biggest platform for video sharing.

The key to developing growth with your YouTube channel is to keep your video sharing consistent so that your customers get to know you and watch as part of their routine. In addition, part of your strategy should include the acquisition of a link shortener for YouTube so that you can easily monetize your channel as you continue to gain more traction.

Some Winning Video Distribution Strategies You Should Know - by Donna Maurer
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A key business tactic is having a growing email list of subscribers, much like your social media handles or YouTube channel. Email marketing is a great strategy to help promote your business. You should include pieces of your videos within each email campaign that goes out, providing the appropriate video for various things like giving advice, showcasing hype over the launch of a new product, or advertise an upcoming event. 

Capturing your audience through email is a great tool to develop a stronger connection. Since consumers are now more likely to respond to a video, you can incorporate that into your email strategy as well. The video will draw more customer attention and aid in more engagement across your website.


One last strategic move is utilizing the ideal place for your videos – your website. You can even have videos distributed across different tabs like the homepage, about page, or other landing pages for products and services. 

Typically, anyone who is interested in your brand is going to look at your website before making their decision to purchase, and providing your video content that gives them insight along with a great story will help them feel more trusting and confident in hitting that “Buy Now” button. 

Video distribution is a great marketing technique, and your videos should bring you excellent results when you distribute them in the right ways. Leveraging your communities across social media campaigns, your email list, and your website are all essential strategies to include coordinating your game plan with goals in mind, remembering to keep the videos short, and incorporating all of those specialized keywords.

Before you know it, you’ll be generating new revenue and connecting with your customer base to drive more traffic with your expertly executed video distribution strategy.

Some Winning Video Distribution Strategies You Should Know - by Donna Maurer

All credits to: Donna Maurer

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