Improved Instagram Ads and Interactive Spark AR Displays

Instagram has announced that new improved Instagram Ads are in testing phase. Learn more about the upcoming Interactive Spark AR Displays.

Instagram is wrapping Christmas presents two months in advance for their users, whether they are brands or individual content creators. The magic of Spark AR will be real, and Instagram couldn’t have made us happier…Wait! It can!

There are three more new features, and three more joyful Instagram presents.

Some of these features might not be precisely gifts. For example, ads in the explore section might depend on your budget. Still, Instagram is testing out new profitable opportunities to expand your brand or influencing activity, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Music Optimization 

One of the most outstanding features on Instagram is short videos with a dedicated space known widely as Reels. Now that we can also create Ads within the Reels section, nothing can stop a brand from limitless short-form videos to grab users’ attention and opt for international audiences.

Instagram dives deeper! Music optimization for Reels is in the testing phase on the platform. More, high-quality songs (for free) will be available in the Meta Sound Collection library. So, the potential for better videos with better music in the background is something that Instagram is already taking care of.

Ads Everywhere (Explore / Profile Feed/ Reels)

spark AR
Image by Instagram’s Announcement

Instagram’s mission is to make its users happy, famous, and successful, and the platform has found the key for quite a while. Ads! … and now Spark AR displays.
Instagram Ads have been beneficial for digital creators and brands. Therefore, the platform boosts its efforts in improving and expanding the opportunities for IG Ads.

The team is testing IG Ads in explore section and profile feeds, aiming for more places for people to discover brands and products within the platform. On the other hand, brands and content creators will have two new opportunities to expand their reach. Instagram affirms that IG Ads on profile feeds are part of an empirical monetization opportunity that will allow eligible creators to earn extra income from ads.

Spark AR

Innovation and creativity go both in the same direction. The more daring the visions, the higher the IT evolution scales up. Instagram has launched an open beta of AR Ads powered by Spark AR. The main goal is to offer a better virtual reality in feeds and stories. Moreover, brands can attract their users with unique and eye-catching effects. The magic of Spark AR is foreseen to boost interactivity on IG impressively.

interactive display
Image by Spark AR Facebook

Multi-Advertiser Ads

Social media platforms are built upon a complex algorithm, but something we can all agree on is the chain of the content displayed on our feed. Once you react with a post related to fitness training, you can expect more similar content related to this topic to show up in your explore feed. This chain will be the same for Instagram Ads, known as multi-advertiser ads. This method of boosting ads visibility and directing users to brands of their interests through Ads leads to better chances for businesses to reach potential customers instead of one-time interactions. With Spark AR displays, multi-advertiser ads will be lit!

Wrapping Up

Interesting right? We’re looking forward to implementing Ads on Instagram as well. With the new Spark AR effects and motions, everyone will surely obtain a higher reach for followers and customers.

Instagram is already wrapping up its gifts to its users. Do you have your posts ready? Prepare your content now!

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