Stand out with Social Media Content Curation

Among tons of recommender engines online, Publer is announcing its built-in AI powered feature!

What’s content recommendation

It is an algorithm that helps identify relevant and trending content. Content curation is considered a strategic solution to having higher clickthroughs. Showcasing constant useful content helps to scale and develop social media.

Content curation brings social media to life!  

That’s what people need right now: real-time suggestions, personalized solutions, and an improved customer service!

And the best part? It actually doesn’t require any efforts.

Think of every content you share as a chance to stand out and become more trustful to your audience.

This is why, we on Publer are bringing a powerful algorithm that generates popular content. Everything will be only one click away from getting posted.

The new content recommendation feature on Publer

You can search for trending content by using all the available options on the new menu. Each search area will give you an infinite scroll of content. You can select one by one or in bulk.

Every article is clickable so you can also read them first!

Content are generated based on two different search areas and options:

1. Only by country and category

If you want to get some general fresh new content based on location and category, then that’s the first thing you’ll see when you get to Content on the top menu.

Search for a country and/or category and you will be provided with the latest articles that have been shared.

2. Detailed search

This search area will provide more options to make a more thoughtful search. You can add keywords, start & end date, select the language.

Also, you can sort the articles by relevancy, popularity, and date.

For a safer experience, this detailed search contains 2 extra options. You can decide which Domains to include and/or exclude.

After carefully curating your search with all the details you need, you can save the query. Get back to your query anytime. This way you’ll save time and keep sharing the articles that your social media feed deserves!


– Feeling fresh out of ideas? Simply search for a trending topic, find amazing thumb-stopping articles, and schedule them to your social media accounts.

– Each content that pops up after your search is valuable. That’s what matters today!

– Almost the whole search engine is within Publer. And you’re only one post away from earning clicks and visibility.

– Earn money! If you’re considering hiring someone to research for trending topics and content, or simply sign up for expensive content generator engines – forget about those things.

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

Boost loyalty, sales, and save valuable time!

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