Step-by-step Guide For a Perfect Giveaway

Read these top 6 tips and step by step guide in organizing a successful giveaway and obtain maximum results.

Whether your brand has already organized a giveaway before or not, with this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll surely succeed in your next online content.

A giveaway is a promotional strategy if you’ve heard of it but are still confused about its meaning. Brands create an online contest for users to provide goods or free items thanks to their participation.

On the other hand, giveaways have rules that benefit the brands in growing their audience.

Read This Step-by-step Guide For a Perfect Giveaway.

#1: Define Your Brand’s Goal

The first and most important step before publishing online content is defining your brand’s goal. 

  • Will you showcase or offer a specific product? 
  • Do you aspire to increase your followers’ number?
  • Do you opt for an updated email list of subscribers?
  • Are you simply following up with the trend of online contests?

Every giveaway is created in exchange for something else, so think carefully about your purpose in organizing a giveaway. 

Define your giveaway goal before you start it.

#2: Collaborate If It Fits Your Purpose!

Keeping your enemy closer is recommended with giveaways. A very successful way to organize an online contest is to join another brand.

This is how you can share expertise and expand your brand’s awareness. Whether the other brand is part of your industry or not it’s irrelevant as it serves your initial goals for the giveaway.

These partnerships bring the best results as the number of people
reached is more significant, and both brands earn visibility. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Collaborate with other brands for a successful giveaway.

#3: Provide A Worthy Prize

Users might be attracted to free stuff, but when those goods for free apply to their daily use, you’ve just enhanced their interest. 

Mostly, online users who participate in giveaways are interested in winning gift cards, free products/services, and even money, if that’s a possible option.

So, try to be objective and generous in offering a genuinely worthy prize highly required by your users. 

Their interest, participation, and good audience attraction will surely pay back much more than saving an expensive product on your shelves instead of setting it as a price. 

Provide A Worthy Prize

#4: Set Clear Rules

Giveaways are a fantastic method to invite many people and show them your brand, but it can be tricky if it doesn’t work well. 

For instance, a general description of an online contest might sound like a failed temptation for attention from an unprofessional brand. So, be careful, mindful, generous, and professional!

Setting clear rules for participants’ eligibility, location, age, verification of accounts, method of signing up, and starting and ending date is vital! The clearer the participation rules, the better your users’ first impression will be!

#5: Automate The Process

Online contests require special attention, especially about executing them to a broad audience. Regardless of how well-thought your giveaway plan might be, you’ll surely need to rely on tools!

1: Use a WP plugin to obtain an accurate, updated email list, increase website traffic, or boost social media followers.

2: Integrate an accurate tool to choose the winner in the fairest way possible. This will increase users’ credibility towards your brand and will undoubtedly facilitate the process for you. 

Remember to choose an accurate tool based on the platform you’ll be launching your giveaway.

Use tools for maximum results from your business's giveaway.

#6: Advertise Your Giveaway

So, you obtained your goal, picked a winner, and handed him/her the prize. Now what? Online contests can serve you longer than you think. 

Regardless of your initial goal, you’ll be surprised by how many vital insights a giveaway might bring to understand your audience better. 

Record the event of giving the prize to the winner and post it on social media. Follow up with the winner so he/she will surely recommend your brand to his friends and family. 

Such activities are vital to promoting in business terms. It’s one of the most efficient methods for expanding your audience and leading to new, long-lasting user relationships. 

Advertise Your Giveaway As Much As You Can.

Mistakes To Keep In Mind When Launching A Giveaway:

– Hidden Prizes and Rules

If people don’t like the prize potential or are unsure how they should proceed to be part of a contest, the giveaway will not have the same outcome as expected.

– Exaggerated Rules

People don’t like tiring contests! Few people will join a giveaway if you’re asking about picking a picture, tagging 20 friends in the comment section, sharing the photo contest on Stories with a specific hashtag every day or having a paid entrance.

Must-Avoid Mistakes To Keep In Mind When Launching A Giveaway.

– Not Promoting The Giveaway Enough

There’s a reason behind why a certain number of followers follow you. They love your content, services, tools, or team. Make them part of a fantastic opportunity to win something for free, and you’ve got yourself a loyal audience! Publer has created multiple events on Facebook and LinkedIn and also advertised them on Instagram.

– Irrelevant Prizes

If you are a floral shop, don’t aim to organize a giveaway for a social media manager certificate unless you are collaborating with a digital marketing agency.

Short vs. Long Giveaway

Long giveaways make people lose interest and forget about it quickly. While on the other hand, short ones can create an urgent feeling.

For instance, the last Instagram Giveaway Post on Publer consisted of 5 Lifetime Ambassadors.

A Publer's giveway for illustration.

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