4 Strategies to an organic Social Media for your business

The safest way to express the experience that we have after working with thousands of clients is, to be honest, and very realistic. Business owners are always seeking a large number of followers in their social media accounts as if it would make a difference in the future of their business. This is exactly the thing we would like to stop and explain carefully. 

Having millions of followers is rather ‘worse’ than having just some thousands of them. Micro-influencers tell better stories than macro ones. How? Your audience is made of human beings, who need to be included in different topics you feel like promoting. Having a better communication with your followers immediately increases the positive testimonials and help spread the word as it actually should be. 

Posting photos and videos from which nobody learns or gets something from, will not be long-lasting and what people need to see nowadays is influencers who walk on everyone’s shoes. Not to be dramatic, but people follow luxurious pages to help boost their work mood and try to earn more for them to achieve something faster. As much difficult as it seems, at first sight, it is true. 

Let’s read below about the steps, that a business should take (preferably all at once) to get a better influence on its Social Media platforms (regardless its niche):  

1. Know the audience

We are not recommending to meet them in person. Knowing your audience is the key to a plan for your business. Every business should know their followers’ age, location and what they click most, to understand their focus. All social media platforms offer detailed analytics, where everyone can check and track each movement. 

By knowing your followers, you know how to target and treat your posts/ products better. Marketing is all about knowing what you do and who you do it for.  

2. Interact with the audience

Don’t just go with the flow. There are thousands of products, which will never be sold, whether you spend too much on promoting or not. People need to be more aware and interact with the products you are trying to sell or the message you are trying to spread. By creating polls and asking people what they truly and mostly need is better than trying to make false and feedbackless sales. What needs to be reminded is also the number of look-alike companies that operate in the same niche. 

3. Be more updated

As we mentioned above, look-alike companies follow different marketing steps. To always be a step ahead, one should keep in mind that the audience is the most important focus. Sharing the latest news regarding all the updates of the products you provide will bring credibility and transparency. In the end, it’s all that matters. 

4. Avoid negativity 

Reducing the grammatical errors and personal opinions would help your content a LOT. How? Content on social media is a tricky business to deal with. When you want to make a sale, it is strictly forbidden to give personal thoughts, because we KNOW you want to let others know that your product is ‘high-maintenance’, thanks! Keep in mind that your customers might be aware of your product already because monopoly isn’t a time-resisting thing! Our idea of positive content for your brand is to create a simple video, write simple words, fun or incredibly emotional story. 

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