6 Strategies to Skyrocket your Reach on Social Media

During the experience on social media, everyone believes there’s some magic. Some of the social accounts we follow count a huge number of followers and engagement, while some others don’t.

It’s no rocket science, nor something to worry about. Each brand has a specific niche and the followers’ number really DO NOT count when all you need is for your posts to be shared and reached enough.

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And the ways to skyrocket your reach on social media are lots. Here’s a list of 6 of them:

  1. Create Weekly Polls

Another way to engage the audience is to give them something fast and easy to interact with. And polls ought to do that!

Publer’s organizes weekly (or better say, ‘weekendly’…) polls on Twitter and they’re not missing their identifying #hashtag as well: #PublerPollWeekend.

It is quite smart to create something special, fun, and simple at the same time.

  1. Turn Updates into Blog Posts

Whether you’re in fashion, photography, or technology, there’s always new coming every (almost) month. Maybe a new dress is showcasing, a new photo album is releasing, or a new software tool is updating.

It is highly recommended to write about the new things and updates that are currently implementing in your business. People who love your brand will also love knowing more and understanding what the news is about.

  1. Create Tweets from Your Blog Posts

If you’re a content writer, you have got to have a favorite blog article you’re written. Take small parts of your articles and suggests them as your next tweets: post them directly or even schedule them while writing.

Bits of your writing brings people closer to you, as they know you love your work, you’re proud of it and you know how to properly cross-share.

  1. Use Free Canva Images and Videos

One have got to love the magical Free templates that Canva provides. Whether you’re creating some Instagram feed posts, Story posts, Pinterest Pins, or infographics, your account will have a decent online presence.

Pinterest Pins must be rich and therefore, using the Canva templates you’re only one step away from an engaged feed.

  1. Provide Downloadable PDF Files on Blog Articles

When you want to give people enough information about what’s coming next or give instructions on how a product can be used, you can create downloadable PDF files, which are recommended to be watermarked and have enough information about your brand.

Everyone downloading the file can re-share and your brand’s name can be easily spread.

  1. Provide one-on-one Demo Online meetings for your customers

Just like the door-to-door marketing effectiveness, meeting your customers virtually (or physically) and explaining to them how a product/service works or is used for, is one of the most powerful strategies to help people gain trust and strongly connect with your brand.

People love knowing who’s behind a brand and want to have personalized Demos! This is why Publer provides one-on-one Demos: everyone can book a 30-minute online meeting and have every question answered live.

This is the screenshot taken from Calendly This page is shown anytime a person wants to schedule a DEMO with one of the Publer's team members.
Scheduling a Demo on Publer

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