Testing Co-Tweets? Twitter Says YES!

Collaborative Tweets are in testing phase. Co-tweets are the new upcoming trend.

Finally! Co-Tweets are in the testing phase from Twitter! Following up with Facebook Collabs and Instagram Branded Content features, Twitter made up its “algorithmic mind” by bringing out to life Collaborative Tweets

Users aren’t simply using social media channels for fun. We’re living in this digital era where social media is more of an accessible tool for all types of businesses to succeed! The social media giants behind the screen know their importance in business. 

So, facilitating the process for its users to obtain higher engagement from the social media platforms is a vital responsibility for these corporations. 

Co-tweets are the latest feature in testing phase from Twitter.

Collaborative Tweets -> Co-Tweets

Okay, it’s in the testing phase, but Twitter has already published an insightful guide on what users can expect from collaborative tweets. 

As Twitter states, collaborative tweets are standard tweets by two users who agree to share the same content on their profiles and their followers’ timelines. 

It’s pretty easy to spot co-tweets as both authors’ profile pictures, and usernames will be visible in the header. That’s due to the main intention of the new feature. 

Collaborative tweets are available to simplify the process of sharing the spotlight, and unlocking opportunities for attracting new audience. They surely impact positively in enriching established collaborations with interested parties on the platform.

Creating new tweets together leads to a new feature from Twitter, the collaborative tweets.
Twitter Announcement

Co-Tweets Privacy

Both users must approve Co-Tweets. Direct messages are Twitter’s main recommendation for authors who want to collaborate together. 

Once the Tweet is ready, one author creates the Co-Tweet and sends the invitation to the co-author. Co-Tweets are immediately posted on both authors’ profiles only when the invitation to collaborate is accepted. 

Privacy is Twitter’s top priority. Thus, every user can easily block unwanted co-tweets, reject invitations, delete the created co-tweets or revoke accepted invitations of previously published Co-Tweets. 

Privacy is Twitter's top priority also in new features as collaborative tweets.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is well known for its international network and for easing the process of sharing texts, insights, news, and valuable information. 

It’s fascinating how co-creating has become a trend among all social platforms. Users are increasingly putting effort into supporting each other’s initiatives and growing altogether!

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