The Crisis Misinformation Policy on Twitter

Twitter Strengthens The rules to Prevent Misinformation

New problems require new rules!
So, Twitter came up with the crisis misinformation policy. In times of war, crisis, and problems in societies all over the world, social media platforms have an important responsibility: 

Social Media Platforms must be responsible for providing the most accurate information online. 

twitter crisis misinformation policy

So, Twitter has launched a new policy to provide reliable Tweets. It was important for Twitter to strengthen the rules and prevent misinformation. The crisis misinformation policy includes several actions against accounts that violate the new regulations. 

The Crisis Misinformation Policy Guide

Twitter’s new policy offers clear guides on what type of Tweets are accurate to post. Based on the Twitter Help Center post, users should not add Tweets in case their information will:

  • Encourage aggression by armed people.
  • Negatively impact the power of organizations working on human rights.
  • Incite the targeting of groups based on their ideological viewpoints, political, religious, and ethnic traits.
  • Stop potential agreements or diplomatic arrangements regarding crucial matters of security worldwide.

It’s essential to keep in mind the criteria of the crisis misinformation policy. Thus, you won’t risk your account on one of the biggest platforms to connect on an international scope.

So, what are the criteria of the New Twitter Policy?

twitter crisis misinformation policy explained

Your posts on Twitter must not advance a claim of fact. Do not express in authoritative terms if you are not officially competent for it. Do not Tweet about erroneous or misleading information. 

Moreover, ensure that your Tweets will impact the audience with a positive message or entertaining purposes. 

If you post about an international armed conflict concerning public safety, you might think twice about the new rules. Otherwise, Twitter will take action against users who report false events or information about the conflict’s conditions. 

Do not post false allegations regarding the use of force, weapons, war crimes, genocides, sanctions, defensive actions, and humanitarian operations.

The Crisis Misinformation Policy Actions

In case to avoid the crisis misinformation policy, users can expect a few actions from Twitter. These actions might include a warning notice in some cases. In other times users can expect less visibility than affiliated-media accounts. That’s because Twitter will keep promoting news reporting by journalists as reliable sources.

Moreover, users can expect a strike system in case of repeated actions of violating the rules. Still, the platform will keep promoting content about posts for vital analysis, opinions, or satire jokes. Users asking questions or seeking information on the platform are always welcome.

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