The Guide to Clubhouse – What You Need To Know

We’re sure you’ve already heard of Clubhouse, the new social media platform.

Clubhouse is an invite-only social media network that is created to empower voices from all over the world. It started in April 2020 but got more famous during these last months. One of the reasons that made it fire up was the audio-chat that Elon Musk hosted. The most amazing idea to introduce news and updates about a brand, communicate about various topics, learn, and get inspired.

Everyone can create their own room in the Clubhouse. People can join, raise hands to talk, or simply listen to what others say. Everyone who wants to tell stories, debate about hot and trending topics, or simply learn, can meet with others and enjoy the time.

When we first heard of the voice-only term, we didn’t think it was literally voice-only. Meaning, there’s no camera so no matter what you’re doing (staying in bed, cooking, or jogging), nobody sees you!

Once you join Clubhouse, you can select the desired topic of interest: business, health, technology, etc. As soon as you join the conversation, you can listen and participate with everyone in the room. Of course, in case you’ve gained permission to do so.

Every conversation ends when the owner who created it in the first place decides to close the room.

To everyone asking why isn’t it rolling out faster like TikTok did:

The Clubhouse team has explained that they’re 2 team members only. They’re currently expanding and actively hiring, and the platform’s infrastructure is basic and not fully developed. Also, they’re still gathering feedback from everyone who’s using it at the moment.

Even though they’re still in an early age of development, everything is clear to the team behind Clubhouse. This is why they already have a Community Guideline. The main focus of the team has consisted of safety. They’re still gathering feedback wether the conversations should be stored and how they’ll proceed with any kind of issue that’s been raised during a conversation.

What kind of complaints is the Clubhouse team trying to avoid?

Everyone has a voice. This is what Clubhouse claims:

First, we unequivocally condemn Anti-Blackness, Anti-Semitism, and all other forms of racism, hate speech, and abuse on Clubhouse. Our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service make this clear, and we have trust and safety procedures in place to address any violation of these rules. People who violate them are warned, suspended, or removed completely from the platform, depending on the severity of the offense. This is a critical area of investment for us as a company and we are working hard to continue building tools and policies that are robust and that account for the unique dynamics of real-time voice conversations and group discussions.

Clubhouse is a whole new experience. Many creators, comedians, entrepreneurs, artists, and parents have joined Clubhouse lately. They’re all enjoying the constructive conversations, the laughs, and the connection.

This is what Clubhouse claimed lately:

We’ve also been blown away by the brilliance and creativity of the Clubhouse community. Each night in Clubhouse, there are now thousands of rooms filled with people hosting game shows, recapping NBA games, singing opera, discussing philosophy, meeting other musicians, sharing travel tips, running support groups, and meditating together. They’re hosting daily talk shows, performing standup comedy, playing guitar, and giving history lectures.

Clubhouse now counts 180 investors, and this is how they’re planning on using the funds:

– Welcoming more amazing people

– Keeping the servers up 

– Ensuring you get fast support 

– Improving ranking and discovery

– Investing in creators

According to, Clubhouse is worth $1 billion, it has 10 million weekly active users, and it is currently ranked #5 in the App Store under the “Social Networking” category.

Publer doesn’t currently have an account on Clubhouse, but we will let you know once we start using it.

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