The Importance of Polls on Social Media

Polls are interesting ways of boosting engagement on social media posts and stories.

For quite some time now, we’ve created multiple polls to understand what our followers, fans, and customers think of specific features we’ve launched.

Online marketing evolution has become one of the most important things and we’re into it for many reasons. When we’ve turned our focus into polls, we discovered that they really drive excitement, and interestingly change our mood. They allow everyone to express an opinion regarding something very important is an instant customer-attraction move.

Advantages of using Polls on social media:

  • Easy market research – Easily get everyone’s opinion starting from non-customers to potential ones
  • Know the audience – It’s always better to be aware of who is more interested in your product and properly showcase them
  • Increase the followers number and website visitors – By giving options, people are interested in knowing more about your brand.
  • People love getting involved – Having the power to improve something is such a nice gesture. That’s why people love giving their valuable opinion regarding different topics.

What’s the psychology behind social media polls topics?

They help make people curious and give a little bit of their time to focus on their answers, which for us is very important.

It is also one of the smartest ways to understand what the majority of the people who follow us want from our product, how they’re feeling about a global change/occasion so we can properly fit into that, what type of brand they’re running, etc.

On Twitter, we’ve created weekly polls, which can be easily found with the given hashtag: #PublerPollWeekend.

Here’s a list of Top topics we decided for Twitter Polls:

  • Your most creative energy goes to…
  • How’s Twitter helping your brand?
  • Which emojis represent your brand’s niche?
  • ALL you want for a better online experience is to:
  • What did you initially use to grow your brand awareness?
  • Which is the essential skill of a social media manager

Weekend Twitter polls, which last from 2 to 3 days, help us understand quickly how everyone is enjoying an update.

At the moment, people can create polls on Facebook Groups & Events, Instagram & Facebook Stories, LinkedIn Pages & Profiles, and Twitter.

Creating polls on social media is an easy process. Although, they all have their specifics. On Facebook and Instagram Stories polls last only for 24 hours, unless you decide to remove them as posts. Also, on Twitter and LinkedIn, you can create polls that have up to 4 options, yet on Twitter, they can last up to 7 days, while on LinkedIn – 2 weeks. On Facebook Groups and Events, people can create polls that contain media too (Gifs and photos).

Being part of all social networks is essential. That’s because you have so many options to make the most out of your time to get to know your audience. Also, you can properly showcase updates/new products in real-time. 

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