The Power of Social Media Platforms

Why Social Media is a Modern Necessity For Businesses

Social media holds the key that opens all types of digital doors. They’re considered a modern necessity for businesses. Entrusting your marketing efforts to the power of social media platforms is the most thoughtful strategy in 2022, whether you’re a start-up or a corporation.

the power of social media in digital marketing

Why is social media an important part of digital marketing?

The power of social media stands in:

  • Expanding your brand awareness.
  • Building closer relationships with your customers.
  • Sharing expertise and connecting with like-minded people.
  • Reaching new audiences regardless of your business location.
  • Getting inspired and educating yourself with the latest updates.
  • Advertising products or services 24/7 and selling them worldwide. 

Social media is only going to become more meaningful as time goes on. Whether for personal use or business purposes, we’re all online. Businesses must make sure they have a constant presence online, which will mean having employees who know how to run social media and satisfy customers behind the screen.

Social Media’s Profits

The power of social media stands in reaching out to potential clients. It might need some time to see actual numbers on your sales, but the return on your time investment is significant and much more worthwhile than paid ads.

colorful arrows showing social media profits

So, what’s the ROI of Social Media for Businesses?

Social Media platforms obtain the attention of new potential customers, which means a higher level of sales in the future. Using social media channels will surely humanize your brand and build a reputable presence effectively. This is something that users constantly desire to read from. In simpler words, you can expect a slow but positive and stable return on investment from social media channels.

How to use Social Media in Business (Success Story)

If you’re still wondering why social media is important for businesses, here we have a success story thanks to the power of social media. They are a fantastic method to interact with your target audience. You can also use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to find potential employees or partners.

Regardless of the industry, many businesses have found success through social media. This can often be attributed to how social media platforms are designed to help convert visitors into customers and create a sense of community among them. 

One enterprise we’ve noticed having remarkable success is a jewelry store. In just one year, their number of followers on Instagram has grown from 10,000 to over 80,000 organically! It’s even more interesting witnessing increased foot traffic and revenue since using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other platforms. 

the power of social media on businesses growth

Social Media Management For Maximum Results

At first, I had no idea about social media management. Therefore, I hired a skilled social media manager to create an attractive content strategy and a perfect social media posting schedule. 

Now I am confident in working with social media myself and managing my accounts effectively. All thanks to scheduling features from Publer that ease the process and let me handle other aspects of my business.

Distinguish the most important social media platforms

The first and principal step is to set clear goals of what you aspire to obtain with your online presence. Start by knowing your audience and gaining a technical understanding of every social media algorithm for maximum results. 

Once you’re clear with your goals, you have a mission to achieve with the power of social media. That mission is toward a broad international audience, so it’s essential to know their preferences and behaviors online.

Conducting deep research and online surveys taught me that most of my potential clients were females of various age groups who mostly searched for gems on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, we began from there to continue strengthening our marketing actions on many other media such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and lately, Youtube and Telegram.

It’s crucial to take notes on every user’s activities online and how you can take advantage of social media algorithms. The power of social media is one click away, just search for it.

For instance, we noticed that our best engagement on Instagram happened when we shared four posts per week and two stories per day. TikTok brings a higher engagement if you post consistently at least two videos per day. Facebook is much more challenging, as it requires a sharp eye in noticing your audience’s time online to post content that’s always on top of their feed.

Prepare a Professional Content Planning

I consider this stage as the attacking plan scene. The deep research in the previous step is a huge help in understanding the content you need to prepare and think like a consumer. We’ve planned our campaigns for months, organized future updates and announcements, and daily content on a detailed calendar.  This requires dedicated time where hard work, discipline, and creativity must blend in perfectly. 

I’d highly recommend creating a social media holiday calendar every month so you never run out of posts. If you have no idea about April’s holidays, Publer already has 190-holiday ideas in store.

Once we prepared our content planning, we were ready to attack professionally and establish the jewelry store in the competitive battlefield of the gems industry.

Person working on PC for content planning and posting schedule

Do Not Neglect an Accurate Posting Schedule

The last step concludes all the previous efforts into implementation and management. Once your posts are prepared, you can create an account in Publer, add your social media accounts, and schedule posts for your digital channels. 

It’s important to post consistently, but it is time-consuming to keep up with the right timing. Scheduling posts allows you to revise, edit frequently, and have peace of mind about their automatic posting. 

After a couple of tests, we realized that posting on Instagram was best in the first half of the day during weekdays and less favored on the weekend. Scheduling the content at these times was a good starting point for the upcoming analysis and audience research.

At any time we realized that a particular type of content was not performing as expected, we’ve easily updated it to improve the performance of our posts. With a detailed planned content and consistent posting schedule, my sales increased by at least 10% monthly.

What benefits does social media bring to my small business?

Social media is changing our lives and is undoubtedly evolving the way we do business. It can allow a company to connect with its customers and provide them with information in real-time. Thanks to the power of social media, we can obtain customer concerns, complaints, and feedback. 

Mostly social media are an advertising tool for creating engaging content and offers that please clients and get their attention. 

Extra Tip: Creating polls on social media is highly effective in boosting online engagement.

the power of social media and benefits

You can check the article the top 9 Benefits of Social Media for your New Business for a detailed list of social media benefits.

In this article, we’ve acquired speaking facts from the owner for a detailed example of the power of social media’s impact on a jewelry store. Read further to comprehend the social media benefits from a business experience. 

1. Organic Traffic

I started advertising on social media to reach out to clients who search for my products online. I had a multifunctional website with all the available shipping procedures and payment methods. Still, the number of sales was not sufficient. Therefore, I created social media accounts and worked with a professional social media manager.

The most significant advantage is targeting the audience who wants to purchase jewelry. When I used to base my sales only on the website, I didn’t know if all the users clicking on it were wondering online or wanted to purchase. For example, I know that Facebook ads appear mostly on users who search for jewels. 

Thanks to social media promotion, I noticed a relevant boost in the click-through rate for my website of 10% in the first three months.

After creating a solid base of connections and followers, sales increased constantly. Users on social media were familiar with the type of content from my business, so following my store means they liked it, and we’re expecting more. 

Social media has been perfect for expanding my audience. That happens because existing users quickly spread the word by sharing their social media posts with each other’s messages.

Obtaining organic traffic and qualified leads by marketing was all due to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, which people take seriously in purchasing and reviewing.

why social media is important for the community worldwide

2. Friendly, Virtual Community

Another valuable use of social media marketing is the sharing alternative, which boosted my business presence online. Becoming popular in the related industry is a goal that doesn’t happen within one night. 

Building a community of followers who share the same interests in my products was fundamental to being successful online. That’s because it makes it easy for my followers to share their experiences, comment on posts, participate in funny, rewarding quizzes and share the content on my feed. 

Even if they don’t share my posts, their positive comments about their experience with my business have positively impacted, boosting traffic to my social accounts or website. 

New visitors read previous testimonials on the website or trust their friends and family’s suggestions. Thus, building a friendly community is a considerable gift from social media platforms that I’m constantly witnessing a positive influence. 

3. Reputable Brand

Without social media, I truly believe my business would not be as successful as today. Thanks to digitalization, I could promote my products and services without breaking the bank on advertising. 

Social media platforms allowed me to be closer to my audience, understand their preferences and expectations, reveal my concept, and add value to the jewelry market with my business.  

why social media is important for brand awareness

While aiming at becoming popular online, sometimes reputation is far from what we’re aspiring to. Many users know the power of social media, so posting reviews or complaints about product quality, poor customer service, and other issues is the first thing they will do.  These can damage a company’s name. 

Therefore, being respectful and competing decently, responding in real-time, solving every client’s problems, and being after the screen 24/7 for my clients gave me a cutting-edge position in the online market share. 

An experienced social media manager and a customer support representative are the key team members behind the screen of social media. They will undoubtedly support the creation of a reliable, trustworthy brand online for my jewelry store. 

 4. Cost-Effective

The biggest advantage of social media is the precise information on my clients about their age, location, gender, interests, and friends. This is vital to address my ads to interested users on my gems creations. Investing in ads that target the audience by directing it to potential clients demonstrates the importance of social media. 

The particular algorithm of social media platforms saves time and money in reaching an international audience easily. It is the most cost-effective approach to appear to potential buyers on the other side of the globe without significant changes in currencies.

Client’s Efficient Social Media Tips

Taking a more in-depth look about social media uses online, we’ve unfolded our client’s guidance about developing engaging content that converts visitors to loyal customers in the long run.

the power of social media icons to promote social media tips

Be Clear

The most challenging thing is to calm down the fire within you when you think of your dreams becoming true. Once you harmonize your enthusiasm with a forward-thinking business mind, you should set clear goals for your enterprise. Understanding your purposes is the first step toward accomplishing them. 

Think like a consumer 

Your vision must add value to the market with your products or services. When you are a customer, don’t you purchase products that solve your needs? That’s your vision! Solving clients’ necessities with your offerings.

A fantastic hook is an excellent start to your social media posts. A lovely logo and catchy slogan are a must-have. In my experience, a short two- to six-second clip or funny GIF grabs your audience’s attention. 

Share Your Story

One of the most efficient methods to maintain your customer’s interest is being transparent to your audience. Sharing your own story and continuous progress will keep your clients updated and attracted to your business’s journey. Providing curated and valuable content, in the long run, maintains your existing clientele and reaches a new audience.

Content marketing has been the key to smoothly and skillfully building trust and visibility with users in recent years. In storytelling, it is noteworthy to explain how you understand your customers’ situations and demonstrate that you’re providing proven solutions to them. Attributes and testimonials speak word-for-word to people’s feelings and make them easily relatable to their situations.

Have An Offer

So, what can you do to ease their decision-making in purchasing from you? Offer something beneficial! Build a trustworthy bond with your potential clients and improve your engagement. Discounts, promotions, and free trials are essential in attracting clients and showing another level of confidence that once they try your products, they will consistently use them. One of the best things to use is contextual stories. 


This blog article highlights the power of social media platforms by illustrating them with our user’s experience. We’re living in the digital world; it’s no longer a matter of choice in competing with innovative ideas in marketing. If you are not taking advantage of social media channels, you miss out on international sales and potential partnerships. 

We prefer to conclude the above information with a marketing quote by Erik Qualman referring to social media’s importance:

“We don’t have a choice whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it”.

the power of social media icons in a globe

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