The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Analytics

And just like that, you’re using Instagram Stories daily for your brand and personal use. There are multiple ways you could differentiate and easily understand when a Story is professional or not.

Just like every other social network’s tools, Instagram Stories have their own tricks, so learning how to properly use them will make the future of your business a bright one.

Two people holding a smartphone and starting to create a new Story.
Photo by Tunahan Günkan on Unsplash

Some interesting facts:

According to, you can share up to 100 clips within 24 hours. Posting more will delete the earlier ones.

Over 500 million Stories are shared daily. Click here to learn more.

Only 4% of the followers see your Stories. Learn more.

Stories are photos or videos (up to 6 seconds each) that are shared easily from each type of Instagram account (personal, business, etc.). They’re automatically disappeared after 24 hours so you can save them as highlights on your profile.

Highlighted Stories on Publer.

There are two different ways to create a Story:

1. You already have the photo or video

  • Click the camera icon at the top left of the app.
  • Swipe up or select the gallery icon at the bottom left.
  • Select the photo and done.

2. You want to create a live photo or video

  • Click the camera icon at the top left of the app
  • Click the white circle at the bottom center of the app. If you’re up for a video, all you need to do is keep it tapped.
  • If you swipe left/right you could use all available formats: Boomerang, Focus, Live, etc.

To check the Instagram Story views, you need to click on the Story icon and then, select the number that shows how many people have seen it.

Business or creators’ accounts have an insight icon so they can click to see insights in a more professional way.

If you set up a Poll on your Story, you will check how many votes you get and who votes what. Very transparent!

Also, adding hashtags, locations, and stickers will increase the engagement on your Stories. They’re all used to target specific people around the world. Say you’re tagging ‘Paris’ as a location. Everyone else who’s using ‘Paris’ as a location or just searches for it will be able to see your Story.

To tag a location, add a hashtag or sticker, all you need to do is upload (or create) a photo or video, and then, tap the sticker icon at the top of the app. You can choose from the range of options and then make the desired choices.

This is the smartest way to make the Stories discoverable and reach a large audience. We all know the benefits of using trending #hashtags and this is a way to ‘leave a mark’ in a wise way.

Instagram itself also suggests a bunch of hashtags while you’re writing, so you can save time.

The total number of hashtags allowed to your Stories is 10, so you can hide them behind gifs or photos, so your Story doesn’t look like an ad?

Location is as well a fast and smart way to reach potential clients. All you need to do is choose correctly from the range of options and you’ve got your Story visible.

Maybe you’re aiming for the Explore page on Instagram. That can be easily done as well. As long as you’re sharing a high-quality video or a photo with no text, then, you’re one step closer to becoming part of the Explore page.

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