Things You Should Know About Facebook Stories

Being active on social media is the one thing everybody knows is important. Nowadays, there are multiple things you can take advantage of and boost the reach and engagement.

All social networks provide different things and we’re always all ears when it comes to ease the workflow.

For a fast interaction with customers, Facebook, and Instagram Stories are the ones to go to. They both help reach the desired objectives.

Snapchat seems to have made a positive impact.

  • Facebook Stories can be on Ads too

Some might already know this, but what they don’t know is how effective Facebook Stories are. Around 500 million people use Facebook Stories in their daily life regardless if they use them for business or not.

Being part of your targeted audience is as easy as 1,2,3 on Facebook. To create a Facebook Story Ad you should go to your Ads Manager profile and follow these steps.

  • Use stickers. Always.

Stickers are creative features that bring huge and fast engagement.

You can resize, relocate, and edit all stickers. Facebook stickers consist of fundraising, event, location, poll, music, and text.

If you have an event going on, it is highly suggested to add an event sticker on the Facebook Stories so everyone can immediately tap and become part of the event.

Also, adding a location sticker brings a lot of benefits: raises brand awareness, boosts sales, and helps get found easily.

Main tips to keep in mind when using Facebook Stories:

1. Use sounds. You can use music or voice-over to lighten up and boost the trust of your audience.

2. Draw attention with simple stickers to guide all users where they should click or go

3. If you’re not adding music/voice-over, every Facebook Story should have branded content to make them all seem relevant.

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