This Is How Publer Is Getting More Website Traffic

Getting website visitors is the one thing you should care about when starting a new business. Whether you want people to get informed about your services, order products, etc, the website provides all the information.

Regardless of the niche, a brand’s website is important to showcase everything starting from the services, to introducing who’s behind a team.

Here’s a list of the main benefits one can have by curating a great website:

Easily update products, services, and information provided

Once you add a new service to your business, it is highly recommended to let all your customers and visitors know about that. Websites work in a magical way and that’s why almost all brands own a well-tailored website.

Low advertising costs

Thinking of printing and investing in offline marketing? Not a bad idea, but we’ve seen better. We would love to call 2020 the ‘Virtual-year’, because why not? We’ve all experienced the benefits of owning a website, social networks, and online meeting tools.

Extend the reach locally (and not only)

There’s no barrier when it comes to being online. That’s why brands can easily locate their businesses and show everyone where their offices are and which places they operate. All visitors can view and interact with your website anytime and from everywhere.

So the big question is: How to bring more visitors to the website?

As part of all social networks out there, respectively Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business, Publer prefers sharing its website URL all over them.

Each of the above social networks has the option to add the website URL to the description (Bio).

  • We always add our website URL (or any other URL related to the Blog page) as a link in Bio and attach them as a Swipe Up action on Facebook Stories.
  • Blogs are an important trick to bringing more website visitors. First, we’ve enabled easy access to visiting the Blog page – on every user’s profile! Articles contain tons of linked URLs to the website (maybe every time Publer is mentioned).
  • We love Pinterest as well! Whenever a new feature is added to Publer or there’s an update, a new article is written, many new illustrations are created for the Pinterest profile and they’re all attached to a specific URL (website or blog article).

  • Another trick to having more visitors on our website is to tweet and retweet many times. Twitter provides the option to retweet others’ and your own posts. Therefore, it doesn’t even seem boring, because that’s something Twitter stands out with.

In case there’s an amazing article that contains important information and has a trending topic, retweeting is all worth it.

  • Pin posts on top of social media feeds, respectively LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

On the last poll that Publer created on Twitter (#PublerPollWeekend), many people voted for the Instagram pinning post option. That’s because it is very important to highlight the most important update of a brand. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide the option to pin any kind of post on Top so that everyone who checks out the profile can get easily redirected.

We on Publer, always pin important and roadmap strike-through updates.

  • Attach URLs to different articles on HelpCenter. As we know, HelpCenter is the place where all users read everything about how services/features/tools work, plans, and pricing, get contact information, etc. This is why that’s the perfect strategy to attach the desired URLs – mainly of the website or Blog articles.
  • Share URLs with customers or ‘customers-to-be’ on Demos. It is important to have a little something for everything! 

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