This is why coaches need to hire a Community Manager to increase client retention

Written by: Cena Martin Chandler

Yesterday on Facebook Live, I did a live stream about the power of shifting from 1:1 coaching to offering a group environment to your clients. Particularly, if you’re professional coaching clients around health and wellness, there’s something that happens. A very powerful spiritual shift takes place when you create a community for clients to come in and share what’s happening with them in their bodies, in their mindset, and in their health. This weeks’ blog is piggybacking off of that conversation, so if you missed that then make sure that you go to and get on our email list so that you receive notifications and don’t miss when I go live.

This is why coaches need to hire a Community Manager to increase client retention by Cena Martin Chandler

Think about the rush of clients that came to you when COVID happened as people became hyper-aware of their health and well-being. Since you’ve experienced that spike in clientele, have you made changes in your programs?

Have you made changes in your business model that better serve how you want to show up as a coach?

If you haven’t made any changes, then you are feeling the back end of stretching yourself too thin. You are offering customizable offers from person to person. If you find yourself creating those meal plans that you hate for each of your clients, here’s a different perspective that I want to share that may help you.

There’s another way for you to serve. You get to choose how you want to serve as you scale.

Based on what statistics say about the health coaching industry, it’s going to continue to increase 10-16% over the next 3 to 5 years. So my question to you is, with all of this predicted growth, how are you going to make sure that you don’t burn out as you scale? Your clients and your audience trust you. They come to you for solutions and they come to you for advice. Do you have a plan to maintain all that’s required of you as you scale?

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1. Commit to stop customizing for every client.

If the answer is no, one of two things must happen. First, you have to commit to stop customizing for every single client that comes in the door. It’s a mental commitment and an emotional commitment. Here’s why. Each time you customize by creating various versions of your program, you pull away from what your process looks like as a coach. If you keep chipping away at that process, your spiritual gas tank is going to go on E. There will be no room left for you to operate out of integrity or creativity. That’s the true definition of burnout.

Second, clients aren’t going to be able to get the maximum results that they could get. Why? Because you’ve taken yourself through this transformation. You know what the results are when you stick to it! Think about it. You created your health coaching program by taking yourself through a transformation to heal. Whether that looked like imbalanced hormones, not having your period, or figuring out your fertility issues, you did the work. What you went through is what inspired you to make your program. If clients don’t get access to that same process, do you think they will get to experience that transformation? If you decide to keep customizing it to give them the version you think they want, where will that lead them?

2. Minimize customization and reduce your work hours by delegating the client experience.

Take the documented testimonials and put a plan in place to deliver it without sacrificing all of your time for the client experience.

The beautiful thing about enhancing the delivery of your program is you will uncover a proper evaluation of it’s value from your perspective as well as your clients.  The result of enhancing your group coaching program meets in between a luxury group experience, the value you create in it, and the value your clients perceive it to have.

You’ll never be able to replace that with a customizable meal plan or a one-off 12-week program that you created for your clients. There are no words to explain the transformation that happens in proper evaluation. 

Therefore, I want you to think about what you may be doing now (which is creating customizable offers for every single client who comes in the door) and how much transformation they receive with your current program. Although your group coaching program may be top-notch, what it is not doing is giving you free time or sustainable scalability.

3. Instead of focusing on leveraging a group coaching program, focus on delivering a community managed group coaching experience.

What it is doing is eliminating the free time that you started your business to have in the first place. It’s also clogging up your cash flow because you only can coach so many 1-on-1 clients at a time. If you’re in between 8-15 one-on-one clients, and your group coaching program is active, Houston we have a problem.

If you want to scale to higher-income earned months, you have to make the switch from burn-out via customizable plans and one on one coaching to a community-managed group coaching experience.

Ask yourself these questions to start moving towards that shift:

  • How do you start delivering this program in a luxury group experience and still offer that 1-on-1 touch? 
  • How do I make that shift? 
  • What needs to change in my business to make that happen? 
  • Who do I need to become to accomplish this?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What’s non-negotiable and what am I no longer willing to put up with?

If you plan on making a shift from being a solopreneur (being a one-person show who is doing everything on your own) to being what I call a true rich CEO, then you have to start shifting away from everything depending on your personal time to be successful.

Has this helped you start rethinking some of the decisions that you’re making?

Are you revaluing how you run your programs?

Let me know your answers in the comments below!

This is why coaches need to hire a Community Manager to increase client retention by Cena Martin Chandler

Cena Martin Chandler is a hiring coach and operations specialist. She helps Registered Dietitians hire their first community manager. Connect with Cena on LinkedIn.

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