TikTok Now Just Launched to Rival BeReal App 

TikTok Now is the new update from the platform. TikTok announced the feature is in testing phase and ready to rival BeReal App.

Nothing can stop TikTok now! At the top of the most downloaded apps on Software Testing Help’s list, TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times on a globally. 

The IT giant of social media and video content keeps stepping up the game with new updates and upcoming features. Next in is rivaling the BeReal app with instant still shots and videos. Let’s dive deeper!

TikTok Now vs. BeReal

TikTok hit the highway during the pandemic, and it’s not stopping with limitless features offered to users for creating fantastic content. From short, simple clips to complex effects, duets, and extended video content, the platform jumps into a new way of spontaneous TikTok-ing.

tiktok now

BeReal is a social app that keeps people in touch with each other by virtually living a moment. Users on BeReal get a notification to instantly take a photo and share it with their friends in 2 minutes. This approach of discovering funnily what’s up with your friends in real-time sounds like an exciting trend for the video-content social platform, leading to TikTok Now.

What to expect from TikTok Now

Statista confirms that the largest TikTok audience, with approximately 136.5 million users, is in the United States. Although it’s still in the testing phase, TikTok Now is expected to be a new feature within the platform in the US and a brand new app for the rest of users worldwide.  

According to TikTok Newsroom announcement, TikTok Now is a new built-in integration to improve TikTokers’ experience and connections. On TikTok Now, users can instantly share a daily photo and video experience with their closest friends or family.

With TikTok Now, users can record a 10-second video or take a fixed photo and share it with their audience in real-time. Save and share the moment now!

TikTok Now Just Launched to Rival BeReal App
Image by TikTok Newsroom

TikTok Now Privacy

Once we read about sharing our images and clips, the next thing in line is carefully reviewing privacy guidelines. Would you share your content and your face on a platform that doesn’t have strict Privacy and Community Guidelines? No!

TikTok prioritizes strengthening its privacy and delivering a safe user experience worldwide. 

Age Limits of TikTok Now:

-In TikTok Now, users can completely manage their account and decide who can view or engage with their content. From determining what’s an appropriate comment to blocking other users from interacting with their account, that’s totally up to the creator.

-TikTok Now users under 16 can use their account privately by default. (Private mode). Moreover, users between 13 and 15 will have limited options in visibility and comments.

– TikTok Now users under 18 cannot share content on the Explore feed

– Adult TikTok Now users (+18years old) have more open access to sharing their content publicly depending on their privacy settings.

Read carefully age limits of TikTok Now

Final Thoughts

TikTok is the largest platform for companies and users who benefit from creating video content, whether that’s a short clip of a few seconds, a viral meme video, or a product launch. The platform rewards its digital content creators through different monetization ways. 

TikTok Now keeps adding new benefits to its users. Everyone can save their moments by capturing a 10-sec clip or a static photo and sharing it with their closest friends. 

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