Tips to a Potential Business Website

Regardless of the brand’s niche, a website is one of the essential parts of a business.

A website helps boost trust to all the users of your platform or product.

Everyone who’s navigating through a website wants to know almost everything. Whether it is about a specific product/service or everything about what a brand offers.

A website must be updated continuously so visitors know it is actually serious, potential, and all worth it.

 One of the most important things to do on your business’ website is branding. There’s nothing better than creating a visual impact and get noticed.

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There are quite a few tips a brand should take into consideration if they want a professional-looking website:

Put a Live Chat

A Live Chat is the best form of communication for everyone who’s encountering issues regarding something on the platform/services you are providing.

When you show every user how available to respond to every little request/trouble they’re into, people will admire your work and team.

Except for a support email and social networks, Publer provides a Live Chat. It hat provides fast answers and not via robots. Nothing on Publer is automatic regarding customer support. And it will never be because it is highly recommended to use a human voice and ‘hand’ when it comes to technical/financial solutions.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Whether you have an eCommerce website or a service provider one, your website must be mobile-friendly. That’s because more than 51% of people use their mobile phones to surf through different websites.

Allowing others to have a smooth experience on their mobile phones will definitely help you boost engagement on your website. People want fast and easy solutions to almost everything.

Use videos

Videos help increase engagement and reach to almost every social network and the website as well.

According to, users spend 88% more time on a website that has video. Users love visuals combined with great content. That’s why videos are the optimal solutions in case you want people to stay longer on your website and find out more about it.

Publer as well has a video on its Home page. It explains briefly how the platform can help someone save time to schedule posts by using the right tools.

Be transparent

Transparency is what people need when they see/hear something for the first time. Are you currently showcasing every service or product on the website? If not, think of this scenario: You’re heavily promoting a new product or service on all your social networks. Someone wants to know more about the ways to purchase it or simply get more information.

If they’re on the website and don’t find what they’ve initially gone there for, they will be disappointed and maybe never trust your news on social media anymore.

A smart way to avoid that is to share the appropriate links to the right page of the website, such as the blog page, and people can read all the useful information there.

Except for blog articles, products, and services, Publer showcases the real number of paying customers, total users, social accounts added to Publer, and scheduled posts.

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