To Share, or Not To Share Content… That’s The Dilemma!

Content is king

Flash News: Many business owners doubt if they should share content (the key to digital success) or not!

Creators’ careers stand in sharing valuable posts for their audience. The issue stands in how and what
If you’re managing a well-known brand, you might think a content strategy is not important. Then your difficulty dwells on why

To share or not to share content?

In a few words: Sharing Content is VITAL!

Remember that the digital world is the only limit for a successful brand! 

Helpful and consistent content is the key to increasing your brand awareness. It helps engaging with your existing audience, and reaching out to new potential customers. 

Still, it might be overwhelming to decide on which social network you should share content most frequently. Instead of having to pick one, you can easily create, schedule and post content on all social media platforms from one single dashboard, the Publer’s one.

Are you still hesitant between sleeping, playing or sharing content on your social media? You’re choosing to step aside from the market and compete on old methods by not sharing content. 

Being present online is the most worthwhile effort you can make for marketing your brand. 

So, why should you find the time to create and share content?

Why it's important to find the time to create and share content online.

Add Value When You Share Content 

If you read something that sparked your interest and is relevant to your company’s vision, why shouldn’t you share it with your audience? Posting about specific facts, studies, and more makes you a valuable source in your audience’s eyes.  

Show Your Brand

As long as it fits your brand’s colors and has relevant information to your products or services, you can post it on social media, write an article about it and share content. 

Once you realize what your clients search online, sharing relevant content gives you a cutting-edge position in the related industry. To maximize engagement, be on-brand. 

For example, if you trade baby products, you expect a broad audience of women. Therefore, posting tips and tricks for a mother’s daily activities would attract many moms to check your website. 

Moreover, experts have noticed that a human touch after the screen is vital. You can share a personal story from the CEO to make a brand trustworthy to users worldwide. So, it is okay to share content about family and personal goals.

A good content marketing strategy is vital to succeed online.

Be Unique When You Share Content

Sharing content makes your brand unique and distinctive from other competitors in the market. 

Don’t post simply links or copy-paste fun facts. Instead, share your perspective and concepts, ask questions and create polls for better interaction with your clients. 

Complete Your Mission

Still hesitant after four paragraphs explaining how sharing content for your brand is important?

How about telling you that by completing one mission with a specific social media platform, you will save time and benefit from digital opportunities? 

Once you have clear goals on your mind, you know what you are looking for and which social media or content type is beneficial to you. 

For example, if you consider that LinkedIn is the most helpful platform for your brand currently, that’s where you should maximize your efforts. 

Wrapping it up… To post or not to post? 


Pay attention to a good content marketing and be consistent to share content on your social media.

Marketing experts highly recommend sharing content on social media and business websites, regardless of your company’s size or industry.

If we tell you that Hubspot research predicts that 90% of experts in digital marketing strategies will strengthen the efforts on content marketing in 2022, would you finally get convinced about online presence’s importance?

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