Get Ahead in 2023 with These Must-Have Tools for Social Media Marketing

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7 Best Tools for Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Social media marketing can be seriously time-consuming and requires monumental effort, thankfully you can save both by using the right tool. Here at Publer, we want your brand’s growth to be as stress-free and efficient as it can be, that’s why we’ve pulled together this list of the best tools on the market.

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Each tool on this list serves a different purpose. You might find that some are relevant to your brand, and that others might not be. Consider the outcomes you’d like the tool to help you achieve, research the tool further yourself, and get ready to build!

Publer: Best Social Media Management and Scheduling Tool

Publer is brilliant at taking the legwork out of your social media management and scheduling. With multiple accounts to handle, across multiple platforms, social media management can quickly become a cumbersome and time-intensive task. Thankfully, that’s not the case when using Publer.

Publer allows you to plan, schedule, and publish content across different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The free plan is a great place to start if you’re the sole user, but the first step of the paid plan is incredibly affordable and unlocks unlimited posts.

The beauty of Publer is in the intuitive UI that allows you to schedule and publish across multiple platforms all from a single dashboard. Once you’ve created your account the automation tools will save you time as your process becomes more and more streamlined.

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Once social media campaigns are underway, Publer will deliver a whole host of analytics that let you know which campaigns are rocketing, and which require a bit more of your attention. That means you can quickly spot any issues, adapt accordingly, and boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Biteable: Best Tool for Creating Short-Form Video Content

If you’re looking for an easy-to-access web-based video creation platform, look no further than Biteable. On Biteable you’re presented with a plethora of tools to help you create and edit, professional-quality videos. If you need a little inspiration the library of stock footage, images and music will help get the creative juices flowing, plus the wide range of templates guide you in the right direction.

Collaborating with your team in real-time is a breeze while publishing and sharing videos directly from the platform saves valuable time. Once posted, the analytics provided help you know how well the video is performing.

AdEspresso: Best Tool for Managing and A/B Testing Ads

If you’re running social media ads then you should be using AdEspresso. Being able to manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms is a great core feature, but once you dig into the additional features AdEspresso offers, that’s where it gets exciting.

The advanced targeting and segmentation tools enable you to target the right audience for your ads, as well as display them at the right times. When you reach the point of testing different ad features (images, links, copy, etc) then the A/B testing tool runs tests for you and delivers the core metrics to compare the two options. 

Canva: Best for Creating Social Media Visuals & Designs

Canva is a powerhouse when it comes to graphic design and ready-made templates for social media. Everything from Instagram Story videos to Twitter headers and ads, Canva allows the average user to create stunning visuals with no graphic design experience.

Better yet, Canva can be directly integrated with Publer! You can directly share your Canva designs with Publer where they can be easily accessed to schedule posts instead of saving and uploading your files. Likewise, you can also access your Publer media files directly from Canva to edit or modify content before posting. 

BuzzSumo: Best Tool for Discovering Trending Content

Branded as a content discovery and analysis tool, Buzzsmo is a great way to stay on top of growing trends and developments across the web. Once in the tool, you can search for and find popular, trending, and shared content across different topics and platforms. Using the advanced filters and search options you’re able to narrow down and pinpoint precisely the content you’d like to work with.

BuzzSumo also delivers analytics on each piece of content including backlinks, shares, engagement, and mentions. If you really want to focus on a particular website or competitor, you’re able to track them specifically and even get alerts when they publish new content. With an account you can also create and save content searches, then set up alerts that notify you when new results match that criteria. The whole tool is a powerful and convenient way to track popular content.

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Mention: Best Tool Social Media Listening Tool

Need to keep track of social media conversations, mentions of your brand, products, or competitors? Mention has your back. Using the tool allows you to track and monitor any mention you choose across social media and news websites, but also blogs and forums. Using the search options and impressive filters you can refine your searches before exploring in-depth insights and analytics on the performance and engagement of those mentions. You can even use Mention to gauge the sentiment of the mention, the reach it might have and the influence it might have too.

Beyond brand, products, and competitors, you can also track and analyze specific keywords, topics, and hashtags. Plus if you’re already working with other software, there may well be a third-party integration available out of the box.

Feedly: Best for Social Media Content Curation

Feedly is a great tool to help you come up with quality ideas for content without spending hours researching. They offer a range of advanced tools such as an AI research assistant that helps you track topics you’re interested in from all over the internet.

The AI tool can also summarize articles, track influencers in your niche, and help you cut through a lot of the clutter to give you the content you’re looking for. It’s the best tool out there that solves information overload and a great way to stay inspired and up-to-date with the topics that matter.

Key Takeaways

Finding the right tools for your business is an essential part of your growth strategy. They won’t necessarily put your business’s growth on autopilot, but they’ll certainly streamline your work processes and maximize your efficiency.

  • Many of these tools have free options, try a few before deciding which you’d like to use.
  • Consider your current tech stack and look to see if your considered tool will easily integrate with it.

If you’re looking to make your social media management a breeze, look no further than Publer, and with a loaded free plan available, there’s no harm in seeing what we can offer!

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