Top 8 Tips For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Top 8 Tips For An Efficient Email Marketing Campaign

An efficient email marketing campaign is an organic way to reach out to your customers and inform them about your products or services. Among professionals, it’s estimated as a very powerful tool.

As a matter of fact, the average return on investment from email marketing is around 38$ for every $ spent. It is one of the best tools in the market for customer acquisition, even better than social media.

So now that you know the power of email, let us guide you on how you can get the most out of your email campaigns.

Top 8 tips to improve your email marketing campaign.

1: Make A List Before The Email Marketing Campaign

Your audience may be different in terms of their needs, and you should segregate them accordingly. 

For example, one set of subscribers may look for promo codes, while others may look for news and announcements. This happens when your target audience consists of different age groups. In these cases, you should always segregate your audience as per their needs. 

Only send relevant emails to your audience to get higher click-through and lower numbers of unsubscribers.

2: Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

Statista states 4.32 billion mobile users. So, it is highly recommended that your emails are optimized for mobile as well. Use plenty of images and bold headlines to make emails eye-catching. 
Also, leave plenty of white spaces in your emails, making them easy to read.

3: Split Test CTAs Before An Email Marketing Campaign

The trickiest element of a good email that converts readers into customers is an accurate, attractive, and functional call-to-action button within the email. 

Split Test CTAs Before An Email Marketing Campaign

To find the best combo for your CTA, you might need to patiently try out different split tests and spot the one that works best for your audience. 

Remember that the main elements to try on split tests for your call-to-action buttons are the ones that make the difference, such as colors, words, fonts, size, and location. 

4: Use A Real Email Address

According to Mailer Lite, people prefer opening emails from an authentic sender rather than from [email protected] Such addresses are equal to scamming ones for most mail users. 

Plus, it’s human nature to interact with a natural person. Hence, emails should have a confirmed address so your subscribers can get back to you without getting bounced.

5: Think of Catchy Subject Lines

A person can decide whether or not to open an email just by looking at the subject line. Subject lines should capture the readers’ attention so that they have the urge to open and read the email. 

For example, if you send an email informing customers about new promo codes, a good example would be “Hurry! 50% off on your next purchase”.

The subject line is catchy. It immediately grabs the reader’s attention and informs him of the main subject of the email.

Note – If your subject line is too spammy, your emails might not even reach your users’ inboxes. E.g. BUY now! for $20 and get a FREE upgrade to the premium plan.

Catchy subject lines and real email addresses are important for an efficient email marketing campaign.

6: Customize Your Emails

Email blasts with no personal touch often fail because they lack human connection. As already said before, people like to talk to real people. So to make the emails more interesting, there should always be a personal touch that helps the reader connect with the message. 

You can start by adding first names to the subject lines and also make sure the call to action is unique and compelling. Make sure that the message is relevant to the target audience.

7: Provide Links For Your Readers

One of the easiest ways to hook your readers or subscribers is by providing links with each copy. This will give your readers more content, keep them at your site, and thus increase your opportunities to up-sell and cross-sale. 

If your emails are educational, you can provide “view more” or “read more” links with your copies instead of one big block of articles. This helps you give the reader more information in one email.

Time your email marketing campaign and add links for readers.

8: Time Your Email Marketing Campaign

Engage with your audience at the time when they want to engage with you. Use the insights from your previous campaign to determine which time of the day the readers opened their emails the most.

Readers open emails at their convenience. Also, keep in mind the time zones. They play a significant factor when it comes to opening an email.

So now you know how to make your email campaigns better. Use these tips to get the most out of your email campaign and give your business the edge it needs.

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