Top Digital Tools for a Small Business

Read These Top Digital Tools for a Small Business

Nowadays we have multiple options to make the most out of our time. It’s vital to find a method for everything and this is where top digital tools come up to help us. It really feels as if you’re owning the place when there’s something for everything.

In our daily life, we usually encounter all types of events: communication, management, design, etc. Having access to time-saving tools is a MUST. That’s why we feel lucky to live in a world full of options.

Read These Top Digital Tools for a Small Business

Here’s a List of Top Digital Tools:

Design – Canva

Everyone who loves to design fast and remarkable designs, Canva is the one to-go address you need. No skills required! It also provides a free version, that allows you to design Pinterest Pins, Instagram Posts, and Stories, Infographics, etc.

All you need to do is:

  • Select the desired template
  • Add the text you need by replacing the one that’s in the example. Or add some extra ones by using the text tool. It showcases numerous font combinations applied by clicking or drag and drop.
  • You can also create a new design from scratch by adding a photo. Also, you can add stickers, frames, shapes, charts, etc.

Canva is the easiest designing tool recommended for small businesses.

Calendar – Calendly

What’s better than having online meetings organized and let everyone know when they can schedule one?

If your business requires continuous online meetings with team members or potential new clients, Calendly comes in handy. You can set different types of events, such as Demo, Interview, Performance Evaluation, etc.

Every event is different because of the type, and also the time-length. I.e each performance evaluation lasts 15 minutes, while the Demos last 30 minutes.

On Publer, our Calendly profile consists of all the above types of events. Everyone can select and book the desired online meeting with our customer support.

Calendly is the fastest to keep on track of events and meetings.

Communication – Slack

There are tons of digital tools to use when it comes to creating a team and communicating with all the team members. Slack is one of those and is highly preferred because it is fast and multifunctional.

It provides not only text and emojis, but also Gifs, text formatting, mentioning, shortcuts, link attachments, direct messaging system, and general channels.

At Publer we find Slack very straight-forward and always handy when it comes to pausing the notifications for a specific amount of time when conducting a Demo. Also, everyone can create different channels and communicate with each other or send messages to themselves as well.

Slack also lets you know when you’ve been writing something to someone but didn’t send it, and it saves your messages as Drafts.

Slack is the most efficient among top Digital Tools to facilitate communication within team members.

Team Management – Asana

The magic place to resolve multiple types of issues. Surely, Asana is the platform where you can set issues and bugs as ToDo, In Progress, Ready for Review, and Done.

This is where all the new features and tools of Publer take life. Everyone on Asana can create new issues, specify their type, write a description, assign issues to other team members, attach files, etc.

Asana is the most efficient among top Digital Tools to manage tasks, workflows and teams.

Social Media Management – Publer

Among all the other social media post schedulers, Publer uses Publer. Not only are we big fans of our product, but also, Publer has everything we need when it comes to each and every social account.

Publer allows everyone to add, create, curate, save, schedule, etc. everything on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and Pinterest. So, having a range of options makes it irreplaceable!

Thus, Choose Publer among your top digital tools to:

-Recycle posts
-Preview posts
-Add signatures
-Change the text format
-Get real-time suggested hashtag
-Have tons of options to watermark posts
-Save time and money while scheduling posts
-Manage multiple channels on various social media platforms

And so much more features to facilitate your social media success and save much more of your time.

Publer is the best multifunctional social media scheduling tool among top Digital Tools.

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